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국내 무선인터넷 활성화를 위한 연구

국내 무선인터넷 활성화를 위한 연구
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Research on the Activation of the Domestic Wireless Internet Service
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대학원 디자인학부산업디자인전공
이화여자대학교 대학원
The domestic use of wireless Internet has been increased, and the expansion of scale has been accelerating. The domestic wireless Internet, however, falls in popularity. According to statistics, there are such subject matter of the complaint as highly fixed charge for use, low speed of transmission, and complexity in use. Hereupon each mobile communication company improved rate systems like making main screen of wireless internet free of charge, reduction system during the night, and making the speed of transmission higher by upgrading 3G technology. But it does not seem that convenience of using the wireless Internet has been improved. Problems of UI in the wireless Internet for mobile phones of 3 main domestic companies that has been providing most service of the wireless internet although the era of standard UI in mobile phone manufacturing industry is coming. This research will consider the present condition of the market of the wireless Internet in Japan that is occupying an important position in the market of the wireless Internet of 3 main domestic companies and current market of the wireless internet to suggest and have a view of the wireless internet service. Thanks to the appearance of 3G, as a domestic mobile communication technology, the service market is growing lively, and the rate, frequency, and time that users utilize the wireless Internet and the rate of a flat sum system are also highly occupied. Current situation is to concentrate efforts to raise the sales through the wireless Internet that is the part of data because the tendency is that the sales per a person is decreasing despite of user's continuous use. SK Telecom, one of the domestic mobile communication companies, by launching new brand "T," is working out a strategy with customers as the central figure based on fully developed technology and distinguished service competitiveness rather than a price competition. KTF also reorganized "SHOW" wireless Internet service as "Web Like UI" with launching "SHOW" brand. LG Telecom is going forth into opening the wireless Internet network to strengthen contents. Mobile communication companies are providing the service that derives participation by pushing services like preview of service into user's main screen in the way of widget and changing into open widget. Through opening networks and Full Browsing, The competition for prior occupation of wireless Internet among wired portals will be expected and threaten mobile communication companies of wireless Internet. NTT Docomo in Japan is located as the biggest communication entrepreneur in the world by expanding communication among users, well-organized contents, and managing contents of fraternal win-win model with CP. KDDI, getting out of established Walled garden, is aiming at openness by tying up with Google, a birth of auOne which combines wired and wireless portals, and so on. Softbank Mobile has a distinctive strategy that gives a service of "Yahoo! Mobile" interlocked with "Yahoo! Japan," the best of the wired Internet portal service. Japan can naturally approach to the wireless Internet service when users make use of a terminal in the distinguished structure of existent terminal menu and wireless Internet menu, and terminal menu is evolving to the circumstances that there is no boundary between the wired and wireless. The market of contents in Japan is led by women 20 to 34 years old who make high rate of purchase, and this kind of habit of purchase tends to be spread. As One Seg, DMB terminal of mobile communication companies, is getting generalized, UI that is easy to watch like TV screen and convenient to operate is being embodied. The rate of constant use is showed in various area like a weather forecast, traffic information, game, news, and restaurant, whereas the domestic market is placing emphasis on entertainment services such as bells, music, photos, games and so on. Problems that have to be solved to activate the wireless Internet are a reduction in a charge, technology, and improvement of UI. And, this is showing that it is interested in UI of the wireless Internet. Inactivated domestic wireless Internet is related to the supply of fast wired Internet, and the wireless Internet service has been developed for entertainment in the circumstance with portability and mobility. Users who have to learn how to use another wireless Internet, however, feel burdensome because of frequent movement among members of mobile phones. On the other hand, Japan made the wireless Internet active since the lack of wired Internet infra. The fact that accessing to the Internet not with complicate PC but with mobile phones that can be easily used in everyday life made huge success. By understanding UI factors in the wireless Internet service of each domestic and Japanese 3 main mobile communication companies, the tendency and the cause of activation of the wireless Internet from now on. · Information Architecture : There were differences in aspects of behavior and culture between domestic and Japanese users: Entertainment menu in the interior, life menu in Japan. Also, information contents are directly exposed by minimum area of menu in the interior while Japan discloses menu first to make users choose information contents. · Layout : The quantity of contents information on the wireless Internet in the interior and Japan has been being increased, and they are changing into a layout like web portal. However, it has to be considered that services focused on the mobility are developed. · Navigation : Navigation between pages using 4-way-key is regarded as important in the interior, and Navigation within pages using 2-way-key and quick shifting from page to page are thought as significant in Japan. · Key Mapping : Domestically, an effective UI formation positively using number key mapping of hardware device is showed. · Widget : Word Balloon in the interior has been developed as an user-centered factor, which gets out of simple assistance of the title, lets users presume sub-menu, and makes them possible to predict sub-depth. · Interaction : Flash of Japan is developing within the condition that does not damage the speed or GUI design, and entire flash screen of the interior should not be considered, giving previous instances. Mobile communication companies have to grasp that this country is simply and actively downloading contents for entertainment different from Japan that contents deeply related to everyday life are activated. And, It is the time to progressively cope with the crux to realize the wireless Internet service domestically. To revitalize the wireless Internet, it is required for mobile communication companies to establish various policies about securing infra, technology, regulating entrepreneur, contents, and improvement of UI. It is necessary to develop UI appropriate for small screen to activate domestic wireless Internet. Secondly, UI has to be improved to lower the charge and to make users know how to use. Thirdly, domestic entrepreneur and the country should positively advance policies including standardizing UI of the wireless Internet service by mobile communication companies. It is desirable to lead the access of users through improving UI of the wireless Internet service and to derive revitalization of the wireless Internet market that is stagnant.;국내 무선인터넷 사용은 크게 증가하였고 사용범위나 규모의 확대는 더욱 가속화 되어가고 있다. 하지만 아직도 무선인터넷을 이용하지 않은 사람들이 더 많이 있으며, 특정 콘텐츠만을 이용하거나 사용빈도도 떨어진다. 이 같은 무선인터넷 대중화를 가로막는 가장 큰 이유는 요금과 사용성을 들고 있다. 통계에 의하면 무선인터넷 서비스 불만사항으로 높은 이용요금, 낮은 전송속도, 이용의 복잡함이 주를 이룬다. 이에 각 이동통신사들은 무선인터넷 메인화면 무료화, 야간 할인제 등 요금 제도를 대폭 개선하였고, 3G기술개선으로 전송속도의 개선이 이루어지고 있다. 하지만 무선인터넷 사용 편의성에 대한 개선은 큰 진전이 없어 보인다. 휴대폰 제조업체의 표준 UI시대가 도래하고 있지만 무선인터넷의 대부분을 제공하고 있는 국내 3대 이동통신사의 휴대전화 무선인터넷 부문의 UI 문제점은 개선점이 보이고 있지 않다. 본 연구는 무선인터넷 서비스의 전망과 제언을 위하여 국내 무선인터넷 시장과 현재 무선인터넷 시장에서 중요한 위치를 차지하고 있는 일본의 무선인터넷 시장 현황을 시장 동향, 서비스 및 사업자 동향, UI 동향의 다각도에서 살펴본다. 또한 국내와 일본 무선인터넷 소비자 이용행태 및 문화를 비교하여 다각도로 살펴보아 국내 무선 인터넷 시장의 활성화 제약 요인을 분석해 보는데 의의가 있다.
☞ 이 논문은 저자가 원문공개에 동의하지 않은 논문으로, 도서관 내에서만 열람이 가능하며, 인쇄 및 저장은 불가합니다.
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