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Edvard Grieg의 Violin Sonata in C minor No.3 Op.45에 관한 연구 및 분석

Edvard Grieg의 Violin Sonata in C minor No.3 Op.45에 관한 연구 및 분석
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A study on Edvard Grieg Violin Sonata in C minor, No.3 Op.45
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대학원 음악학부
이화여자대학교 대학원
본 논문은 석사과정 이수를 위한 졸업 연주회에서 연주하였던 작품 Edvard Grieg의 Violin sonata in C minor. No.3 Op.45에 관한 분석연구이다. Edvard Grieg는 민족적 낭만주의 시대의 중요한 작곡가 중의 한 사람으로서 노르웨이의 민속음악과 국민성을 음악적으로 잘 승화시킨 민족주의 작곡가로 알려져 있다. 그의 작품 중 민족적 정서가 뚜렷하게 나타난 작품 Violin Sonata in C minor No.3 Op.45는 그가 작곡한 3개의 Violin Sonata중 1887년에 작곡된 마지막 작품이고 3악장으로 구성되어 있으며, 1악장은 자유로운 소나타형식이다. 2악장은 Allegretto와 Allegro molto에 의한 3부분 형식이며 3악장은 2개의 주제와 짧은 코다로 이어지는 소나타 형식을 취하고 있다. 실내악다운 요소와 협주곡의 효과를 느끼게 하는 요소가 교차되어 있으며, 전통적인 낭만주의적인 요소들을 사용하였지만 불규칙적인 악구 등에서 인상주의적인 모습도 찾아볼 수 있는 작품이다. 본 논문은 19세기의 곡을 작곡할 당시의 배경을 알아보고, 악곡 분석을 통해서 이 곡을 더 잘 이해할 수 있도록 하는데 목적을 두었다.;Leading trends of music in 19th century is nationalism. It changed the main current of weston music that German had played an important roles for a longtime. This trend awoke people to recognize their national spirit and gave a chance to express their music style. This music was composed by Edvard Grieg(1843~1907), when he became a renowned composer, and was his representative music. Edvard Grieg who is called "Chopins of Northern area" is celebrated composer in period of nationalistic romanticism. He made a success to harmonize Norwegian folk musics with national spirits base on romanticism music. The purpose of the study is to investigate nationalism music style by analyzing his representative music, Violin Sonata No.3 Op45. This music shows forms which structure is relatively simple. The first movement which is sonata form composed two motive, transition and two Coda express major and minor mixed-chord freely used frequently by romanticism composer. It express the modulation frequently through enharmonic and dominates mainly V chord with C- minor. The second movement is constituted with three parts form of sonata and shows colorfulness through each parts is changed into strength and weakness, into tempos, and into a composition of chord. The third movement which uses Norwegian national melodies terminates with A-B-A'-B'-Coda's form. All theme adopts music form of 19th century post-romanticism days and express developmental motive which is transformed on 1~2 measure and express third theme over all as if recital musical instrument of main theme melody talks with accompaniment instruments. Also, it express Norwegian color sensation using modal and is considered to escape from traditional chord mode through progress of simply chord. Regardless of using of simply music materials like those, the reason of attraction is rhythmical sense by fast tempo and lyrical melody. It is with this reasons that it offsets monotone of music play or musical outdated. Grieg's music characteristics is materials of Norwegian traditional dance music rhythm distributed over all themes and maximal expression methods by dynamic through repeating rhythm and melody change. Violin Sonata No.3 Op45 shows characteristics of nationalism color sensation as well as apply Norwegian national melodies base on 19th century German romanticism.
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