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Cut-out 애니메이션의 동작 분석을 통한 캐릭터의 감정 표현 연구

Cut-out 애니메이션의 동작 분석을 통한 캐릭터의 감정 표현 연구
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Study on characteristics of Cut-out animation technique used in expressing emotion and personalities : in Yuri Norstein’s animation
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대학원 디자인학부시각정보디자인전공
이화여자대학교 대학원
Cut-out animation is used often by beginner animators, because of merit being able to present stories easily by using simplified and abridged movements of the characters, unlike other animation techniques Recently, cut-out animation which has been produced in stop-motion has been digitalized by using Adobe After Effect, Adobe Flash, which has reduced production time and made cut-out animation production easier compared to other animation genre. Due to these merits, cut-out animation has opened a bigger possibility of expression for animators, and recently cut-out animation in short animation has been increased prominently. Not only in short animations, cut-out animation is being used in various genres like TV program title, commercials and because these media has characteristics more frequently and continuously exposed to the mass than traditional animation, they deliver the existence and characteristics to the mass faster and stronger. But currently, quite a number of digital cut-out animations are used just because of it’ convenient use and short-term production, which make mechanical and unnatural motions used repeatedly regardless of expression possibilities. The recent tendency of digital cut-out animation that is increasing in number and exposed less to media that influences the mass can produce stereotype to the mass and producers that cut-out animation has limitation of mechanical and unnatural motions, also it can hamper the quality development appropriate to the quantitative increase of cut-out animation production. In few short animations including, , , has used digital cut-out animation to give grotesque and cheering ambience to the works. But quite a number of animations are tended to be used without being understood thoroughly about creative motions that meets the intention of each works, but just use mechanical and unnatural motions used repeatedly. To guard against this tendency and look for possibilities of expressing natural and delicate motions in cut-out animation and inspire the intention of cut-out animation production of creative motions, we researched the motional expression appeared in of Yuri Norstein, a great master of cut-out animation, who is also called as the image poet of Russia. Yuri Norstein has achieved natural and delicate motional expression of his own by using cut-out motion and gave the characters with great emotion and personality expression. Yuri Norstein has focused on character’s emotion and expression of personality in motional expression and time allotment, rather than centering on main storyline to bring out the character’s emotion and personality expression In this report, we divided the parts where rabbit, the hero appears into “cut to express emotion, character” and “cut to develop storyline” parts to get the main intention of motional expression of Yuri Norstein’s , and analyzed the main methods Yuri Norstein used to emphasize the emotion and personality expression. First, Yuri Norstein, spared more time in motional expression of emotion and personality. In this report, after comparing and analyzing the times spared each at the cuts that focused on emotion and personality and that focused on storyline development, we proceeded research on this. Yori Norstein spared more than half of the rabbit appearing time in expressing the emotion and personality of the rabbit and this shows that he focused more on the detail expression of personality of rabbit rather than developing overall storyline to give great emotion to the animation. Second, the motions are not used repeatedly. By analyzing the “running” motion that appears most frequently for storyline development and ”crying” motion that appears most frequently among emotional expression motions., we can see that event the repeatedly appeared motions are expressed in different way by change of status and emotional change. Thirdly, character’s body was segmented and divided in detail, and various overlays were used to express emotion and personality. For this, the body parts mainly used for actions and expressions of emotion and personality, and the body parts mainly used for development of storyline were thoroughly compared and analyzed. The comparison and analysis were done in terms of the number of joint segmentations, the number of separation overlays, and the number of overlay usages. The director has produced the variations of character’s expression and personality in intimate details. This was done by, first, finely separating the head that expresses the emotion and personality from the trunk and limbs that develops the storyline, and then by using lots of overlays for the head. In this report, to verify whether the findings of the 3 methods above used to emphasize the emotional and personality expression are the more detail and various method to express character’s emotion and personality when applied to the real animation production, we applied the illustration of character’s emotion and personality without specific narrative at the real production of short animation < What this naughty boy has to say >;감독이 의도하는 바와 전체 애니메이션의 분위기에 맞는 보다 창의적이고 섬세한 동작 표현의 가능성을 인식함으로써 독창적인 동작의 컷아웃 애니메이션 제작의 의지를 고취하기 위하여 러시아의 영상 시인이라고 불리는 컷아웃 애니메이션의 대가 유리 놀슈테인Yuri Norstein의 <여우와 토끼Fox and Rabbit>에 나타난 동작 표현을 분석하였다. 유리 놀슈테인은 이 애니메이션에서 스탑 모션 방식의 컷아웃 애니메이션을 사용해 자연스럽고 세밀하면서도 그의 특유의 개성이 녹아있는 독창적인 동작 연출을 구사하여 캐릭터에게 풍부한 감정과 성격 표현을 부여하였다. 유리 놀슈테인은 <여우와 토끼>에서 주인공 토끼의 섬세하고 개성있는 성격과 감정 표현을 부각시키기 위하여 전체적인 줄거리 전개를 위한 부분보다 캐릭터의 감정이나 성격 표현을 위한 부분에 중점을 두고 동작 표현을 하였다. 이를 통해 애니메이션 <여우와 토끼>는 단순한 줄거리 구성과 단순한 캐릭터의 형태를 바탕으로 하면서도 가장 풍부하고 생생한 감정 표현으로 관객들에게 깊은 공감과 설득력을 이끌어 낸다. 유리 놀슈테인이 컷아웃 애니메이션의 한계를 극복하고 또 그 한계점을 장점으로 전환하여 그만의 독창적이고 완성도 높은 동작 표현을 담아 낸 애니메이션 <여우와 토끼>의 동작 표현을 분석함으로써 최근 빈번하게 사용되고 있는 디지털 컷아웃 애니메이션에서의 섬세하면서도 독창적인 동작 연출의 가능성을 인식하게 하고자 한다. 또한, 이를 통해 추후 제작되는 장, 단편 애니메이션을 비롯한 컷아웃 기법이 사용된 각종 영상물에서 각 애니메이션의 의도에 맞는 동작 연출를 바탕으로 완성도 높고 독창적인 동작 표현이 이루어질 수 있기를 기대한다.
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