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韓國製藥業의 合作企業과 國內企業의 業績 및 要因比較

韓國製藥業의 合作企業과 國內企業의 業績 및 要因比較
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(A) Study on the comparison of the performance and the factors of joint ventures and domestic companies in korean pharmaseutic industry
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대학원 경영학과
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Multinational corporations, which undoubtedly surpass host country corporations in technology and manegerial method, are most used in foreign direct investments, but because of the difference in environmental variables their superiority in management and technology does not necessarilly mean their superiority in corporations' performance. Under such premise this dissertation aims at comparing the performances and the factors of domestic corporations with those of joint ventures in Korean Pharmaseutic Indutry, and is devoted mainly to 1) the study of literature on the concept of joint investment as well as its merits and demerits, 2) investigation of date about the conspectus of foreign direct investment to Korean Pharmaseutic Industry, 3) and interviews with 10 men in charge of marketing for more than 10 years - 5 of them in 5 domestic corporations and the others in 5 joint ventures-for the purpose of examining the premise. Through the research, on one hand I find that the joint ventures in Korean Pharmaseutic Industry are subject to the unified control and direct of the parent-companies, and so they engage in business with long-term planning, through budget systems, scientific technology and managerial methods, and westernized reasonable and legitimate enterprise spirits. On the other hand, I also find that these joint ventures suffer from the environmental difference between the market of Korean Pharmaseutic Industry and that of foreign one, and lack of policy through which they can more easily catch appropriate chances in internal market and modify themselves to the variables due to the control of the parent-companies. In conclusion, joint ventures' superiority to domestic corporations in technology and managerial method does not link directly with their superiority in performances.;國際的인 企業活動의 展開에는 環境變數라는 것이 무엇보다 重要하다. 大部分의 外國人 直接投資가 多國籍企業에 依해 行해지고 있고 그들은 技術과 經營技法에 있어 確實히 現地企業보다 優位를 점하고 있지만 環境變數의 差異로 因해 經營과 技術의 優位가 企業業績의 優位로 直結되지 않는다. 本硏究는 이와 같은 前提下에 韓國製藥業體의 合作企業과 國內企業의 業績 및 要因을 比較하기 爲한 것이다. 硏究는 主로 合作投資槪念, 動機 및 長短點에 對한 文獻硏究와 對韓外國人直接投資 및 韓國製藥業體의 槪況에 對한 投資調査 그리고 假說을 檢證하기 爲한 國內와 合作 各 5個 事例會社의 마케팅擔當 長期勤務者와 그들의 去來社에 對한 面談으로 行해졌다. 그 結果 韓國製藥業體의 合作企業은 主로 母會社의 全社的인 統制와 指示를 따르고 있고, 따라서 長期的인 企業計劃, 徹底한 豫算制度 科學的인 技術 및 經營技法과 西歐的인 合理的이고 合法的인 企業精神을 가지고 營業活動을 하고 있으나 韓國製藥業界라는 環境의 差異와 또 母會社의 統制에서 오는 國內市場의 機會포착과 與件에 對應하는 政策의 缺如로 實際 活動面에서 애로사항이 많고, 企業業績에 있어서도 技術과 經營技術의 優位가 業績의 優位로 이어지지 않음이 밝혀졌다.
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