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Furosemide 製劑의 溶出速度 增大를 爲한 solvent deposition method의 利用

Furosemide 製劑의 溶出速度 增大를 爲한 solvent deposition method의 利用
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Enhancement of dissolution rates of furosemide solvent deposited on matrixes by solvent deposition method
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대학원 약학과
Furosemide제제용출속도solvent deposition method
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The matrix affects the dissolution of furosemide, which is almost insoluble in the dissolution medium. In order to understand the effect of the matrix on the dissolution of furosemide, lactose, starch, Avicel^(?) PH101, Avice^(?) PH301, SiO_(2) and talc were used as the matrix and the solvent deposition method were used. The dissolution characteristics of four dissolution medium were compared to each other using various ratio of drug-to-matrix. The results are as follows: 1) Lactose was shown to be superior and talc was to be inferior to the other matrixes investigated. 2) A maximum dissolution rate and dissolution amount of furosemide were observed in 1:10 ratio of the drug-to-matrix. 3) T_(80%) of 1:10 ratio of the drug-to-matrix in pH 7.2 is 1 min. from FM-lactose and 30 min. from FM-talc. T_(80%) in pH 4.2 is 2 min. from FM-lactose and 150 min. from FM-talc. Total amount of furosemide in pH 1.2 at 30 min. were enhanced 13.3 fold in FM-lactose and 3.5 fold in FM-talc compared to the control.;matrix가 난용성 약물인 Furosemide의 용출에 미치는 영향을 Solvent deposition method Lactose, Strach, Avicel^(?) PH 101, Avicel^(?) PH 301, Silicon dioxide 및 Talc를 사용하고, 여러 drug-to-matrix의 비로 Solvent deposition preparation을 만들어 4가지 용출용매에서의 용출특성으로 비교 검토하였다. 그 결과는 다음과 같다. 1) matrix는 Lctose가 가장 우수하였으며 Talc가 가장 저조하였다. 2) drug-to-matrix 비가 1:10w/w일 때, 가장 큰 용출속도와 용출량을 보였다. 3) drug-to-matrix 비가 1:10w/w일 때, pH 7.2의 용출용매에서는 T80%가 Lactose에서 1분,. Talc에서는 30분 이었다. pH 4.2일 때 T50%는 Lactose에서 2분, Talc에서는 150분이었다. pH 1.2일 때 30분까지의 Furosemide의 총용출량은 control에 비해 Lactose는 13.3배, Talc는 3.5배 증가하였다.
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