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水源市 貧困地域에 關한 地理學的 硏究

水源市 貧困地域에 關한 地理學的 硏究
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(A) geographical study of poverty area in the city of Suwon
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대학원 사회생활학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
국 영문초록 수록;都市가 發達 成長함에 따라서 都市 貧困地域의 分布와 構造的 特色은 都市內에서 重要한 問題가 되고 있다. 地理學에서 都市 貧困의 硏究는 主로 貧困地域의 空間的 類型과 貧困地域 自體의 內部構造에 關心을 기울이며 硏究되어 왔다. 本 論文의 目的은 水原市의 住居地域을 中心으로, 都市貧困에 重要하게 介在되는 要因을 確認하고 貧困地域을 區分하여 그 分布狀態를 把握하려는 것이다. 또한 이러한 過程을 通해서 貧困地域의 構造的 特色이 住民의 社會 經濟的 地位와 이에 따른 住居環境과 어떤 關係가 있는 가를 밝히려는 것이다. 硏究對象地域 水原은 오랜 城郭都市로 地方 行政中心地이며 서울의 衛星都市圈에 該當되므로 都市 貧困地域 分布와 性格을 特徵지워 준다. 都市 貧困의 槪念 設定에 따른 都市貧困의 重要要因추출, 이들의 空間的 分布에 依한 貧困地域 確認등의 硏究問題를 해결하기 위해, 文獻 硏究, 結果資料 分析, 現地 답사등의 硏究方法을 試圖하였다. 硏究 結果에 의하면 水原市 貧困地域은 都心地와 市의 南部 外廓地帶에 分布한다. 즉 都市 中心部의 영천동과 남부의 坪洞, 곡선동지역이 해당된다. 그리고 이 地域은 수원시내 다른 地域에 비해 住民의 社會 經濟的 地位가 낮고 住居環境이 良好하지 못한 特性을 갖고 있다. 地理學的 接近에 의한 水原市 貧困地域의 分布와 特性을 把握하려는 試圖를 통해서 都市 再開發計劃의 건전한 方向을 提示할 수 있다고 期待된다.;This study attempts to define the urban poverty and identify the factor affecting the urban poverty in the city of Suwon, and to analyze the spatial distribution of urban poverty with the methods of factor analysis and finally to study the characteristics of poverty area in the terms of the socio-economic status of house-owner and residential environments of the house. For the purpose of the study the questionaires are distributed through the city, of which 80% are exactly written and valuable. The results may be summarized as follows, 1. The socio-economic variables includes monthly income to the family size, unemployment of house holders, and some facilities for amenity and so on. The residential environment variables consists of bathroom, waterworks, drainage systems, garage, heating systems, kitchen and toilet etc. These factors can be classified into the level of hygiencity, culture, income, health, poverty and pleasure. 2. Namhyang-Dong Yongchon-Dong, Pyong-Dong, and Gogson-Dong are correlated with the level of hygienity, Gogson-Dong, Pyong-Dong with the level of culture, Palchang-Dong, Yongchon-Dong and Gogson-Dong with the level of income. 3. The poverty area of the city of Suwon are Yongchon-Dong, Pyong-Dong, and Gogson-Dong. These area located in the inner part and areas in southern parts of the city. 4. The residential environment characteristics of poverty areas are as follows. The type of house with Korean of which roof with Slate are dominent, and the most of the houses were Duilt Defore 1960. The Socio-economic characteristics of the poverty area as follows. Person per room is higher than other areas of the city. The people who are unskilled labor lived in the monthly paid in the holse are common, even though they own the house whose is below 15 million won. The householder is elementary educated. The portion of the number of children under 14 years age is greater than other areas. The portion of the number of families with both parents is smaller than other areas.
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