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同姓同本 不婚制度에 關한 考察

同姓同本 不婚制度에 關한 考察
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(A) Study of the institution of prohibition of marriage between the parties of the same family name and the same place of family origin
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대학원 법학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
憲法上 基本權 保障規定과 民法 第809條 規定을 관련하여 違憲性 問題를 考察하였다. 同條項 法解釋論에 있어서는 婚姻의 自由를 保障하기 위한 學者의 새로운 解釋論을 전개하였다. 同姓同本不婚制度 成立過程의 史的 考察을 통해 이 制度는 우리나라 固有의 美風良俗이 아님을 밝히었다. 이 制度는 中國에 대한 朝鮮封建社會의 事大主義 思想의 殘滓로서 아직도 民主主義 國家인 우리나라 民法上 法律로 規定되어 있다. 이로 因하여 民主社會發展에 障碍要素가 된다. 現司會에 表出된 同姓同本婚姻問題 硏究結果 이미 汎國民的 家族法改正運動 속에 同姓同本不婚制度 廢止를 要求하고 있었다. 그러나 改正 運動 成果는 단지 1978年에 限하여 效力을 갖는 「婚姻에 관한 特例法」의 制定이었다. 이 特例法 實施 이후 同姓同本婚姻者의 婚姻申告 狀況을 分析 評價하여본 결과 이 制度에 대한 被害 救濟의 根本的인 解決策이 못되는 졸렬한 立法이었다. 그러므로 새로운 立法案을 摸索하고자 東西洋 諸立法과 比較考察하였다. 이 制度의 存續은 現社會國民의 法感情에 심히 背馳될 뿐만아니라, 韓國傳統文化에 반영된 宗敎的 支配思想 즉 固有宗敎로서의 巫俗信仰 및 佛敎, 道敎, 基督敎思想等에도 背馳된다. 오직 儒敎的 思想에서 그 由來와 터전을 찾을 수 있었다. 오늘날 中國에서는 이 制度를 廢止한지 이미 오래이다. 결론적으로 이 制度를 存續시킬 合理的 理由가 전혀 없다는 見解가 法學者의 일관된 主張이. 따라서 現實情에 맞는 近親婚禁止範圍를 提案하고, 이 制度는 廢棄하여, 憲法上 人間의 基本權으로 保障하는 平等權과 自由權을 確認하여 婚姻과 家族生活에 있어서 個人의 尊嚴과 兩性平等의 精神이 保障되도록 家族法改正이 合理的으로 이루어져야 한다는 것을 다루었다. ;In this thesis I have studied unconstitutional aspects of the Institution of Prohibition of Marriage between the Parties of the Same Family Name and the Same Place of Family Origin, in terms of the provisions of the security of fundamental rights in constitutional law and the Article 809 in civil law. In the matter of legal interpretation of the above Aric1e I introduced new interpretations of jurists to secure the freedom of marriage, I proved that the institution of Prohibition of Marriage between the Parties of the same family name and the same place of family origin is not one of good morals and manners of Korea through historical studies on the process of formation of this institution. This institution, as one'of remaining vestiges of feudalism of the Yi Dynasty, is still prescribed as law in civil code in Korea as democratic country. This institution has been an obstacle to sodal progress. In the research of social problems caused by this institution, a pan-national campaign for the revision of family laws included the repeal of this institution. The result of this campaign was the establishment of "An Exceptional Law for Marriage" that was effective only during 1978. By the analysis of the situation of marriage registration using this Exceptional Law, it has been proved that this law couldn't be a solution for the problems caused by this institution. So I compared this institution with other countries' law in order to grope for new legislation. The continuation of this institution goes against legal opinion of the public in the present society. This institution also goes against re ligious thought which dominated Korean traditional culture-Shamanism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Christianity. This institution has been based on and originated from only Confucianism. Today, it has been long since this institution was repealed in China. As a result, jurists consistently assert that there is no reason that this institution should be continued. Therefore, with the repeal of this institution and the presentation of prohibited limits of intermarriage that is suitable for the present situation, the revision of family laws should be achieved rationally to secure the equality of the two sexes and individual dignity in marriage and family Iife that has been secured as fundamental human rights in constitutional law.
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