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離婚原因으로서의 破綻主義에 關한 考察

離婚原因으로서의 破綻主義에 關한 考察
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(A) Study on the breakdown of marriage as grounds for divorce
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대학원 법학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
離婚原因에 있어서 破綻主義的 傾向은 1970年代 이후 世界的 立法趨勢이다. 우리나라에서는 1960年부터 施行된 現行 民法 第 840條 第6號에 「其他 婚姻을 繼續하기 어려운 重大한 事由가 있을 때」를 새로이 規定함으로써 離婚原因 立法에 破綻主義를 採擇하였다. 이 論文에서는 첫째로 裁判上 離婚原因立法에 있어서 破綻主義의 意義 및 性格 그리고 解釋論 및 그 判斷基準을 서술하고, 둘째로 破綻主義 適用의 制約性에 關한 問題로서 有責配偶者의 離婚請求에 對하여 學說, 判例를 紹介, 檢討하였으며, 세째로 各國의 離婚法을 比較 檢討하여 破綻主義 關係規程에 關한 外國의 立法的 傾向을 파악하였으며, 네째로 최근 서울 家庭法院의 離婚判決을 통하여 破綻主義 離婚原因인 民法 第 840條 制 6號 事由의 類型을 分類 整理함으로써 現在 우리나라의 離婚破綻의 現實을 살펴 보았다. 끝으로 破綻主義 立法下에서 離婚事件을 處理함에 있어 司法的 方法과 아울러 Counseling과 調停을 통한 治療的 方法을 活性化할 必要性과 離婚矛防의 對策 및 離婚被害者의 保護를 爲한 制度的 改善에 관하여 檢討하였다.;Since 1970 the worldwide trend in judicial divorces has included a rising legislative current of recognition of the fact of failure or breakdown of marriage as a cause for divorce. The Korean Civil Code, promulated in 1960, provides in Article 840, Section 6 that divorce is permitted "when ther is any other serious reason preventing the continuation of the marital relationship." In this way the concept of the breakdown of a marriage as a sufficient ground for divorce was introduced to Korea. This dissertation deals with this issue in four main section. The first is an attempt to explain the meaning and characteristics of marital breakdown as a reason for judicial divorce, as well as to describe the basis for such breakdown. Secondly, an introduction and study of divorce decrees and of the theory of request for divorce by the guilty party are made to delineate the restrictions on the application of this concept of marital breakdown. The third part involves looking comparatively at the trend in the laws about marital breakdown in various foreign countries. The fourth section gives a study of recent divorce decrees handed down in the Seoul Family Court. In this way, it is possible to discern the ways in which Art. 840, Sec. 6 is being applied in actual cases and to ascertain what kinds of cases those are. Thus a picture is provided of the current situation of divorce in Korea. In conclusion, attention is given not only to the judicial method of employing the concent of marital breakdown to handle divorces, but also to the necessity of reactivating mediation-counseling skills as a method of healing actual family problems. Finally, emphasis is placed on the need for improvement in providing care for the victims of divorce as well as for implementing measures to prevent the causes for divorce itself.
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