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Alloxan 당뇨 흰쥐의 혈당량 및 insulin량에 미치는 aloe vera linne의 효과에 관한 연구

Alloxan 당뇨 흰쥐의 혈당량 및 insulin량에 미치는 aloe vera linne의 효과에 관한 연구
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(A) Study on effects of aloe vera on the level of glucose and insulin in blood of alloxan diabetic rats
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대학원 약학과
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Aloe vera L.가 조직 재생작용과 세포 부활작용이 있으며 췌장 β-cell의 insulin 분비 상피세포의 증식 과정을 촉진한다는 보고가 있어 A. vera의 당뇨병에 대한 효과와 그 작용 기전을 규명하고자, alloxan 당뇨 흰쥐에게 Aloe, chloropropamide, 또 두약물을 병용 투여하여 in vivo test로, 혈당치와 혈중 insulin치의 변화를 Somogyi-Nelson법과 Radioimmunoassay법으로 각각 측정하였고 epinephrine투여에 의한 일시적 과혈당 흰쥐에 대한 Aloe의 혈당량 강하효과를 조사하여 다음과 같은 결과를 얻었다. 1. Aloe는 Alloxan 당뇨 흰쥐에 있어서 혈당강하작용이 있었다. 2. Aloe전처치로 epinephrine투여에 의한 일시적인 혈당상승작용이 억제되었다. 3. Aloe는 Alloxan당뇨 흰쥐에 있어서 insulin분비 촉진 작용이 있었다.;There have been reports that Aloe vera was effective in regeneration of wound tissues and cells and that Aloe vera stimulated the proliferative process in regenration of insular epithial cell. Thus this experimnet was carried out to investigate the effect of A. vera on Diabetes mellitus and its mechanism in the treatment of Diabetes mellitus. Crude powder of A. vera and chloropropamide were given orally to alloxan diabetic rats either alone or in combination with each other. Level of glucose and insulin in blood were measured in alloxan diabetic rats by Somogyi-Nelson method and radioimmuncassay method respectively. The effect of Aloe vera on serum glucose level in normal rats which was in transient hyperglycemic condition was also investigated. The summarized results are as follows: 1) Aloe vera had lowering effect on blood glucose level in alloxan diabetic rats. 2) The induction of transient hyperglycemia by epinephrine was inhibited in Aloe-pretreated rats. 3) Aloe vera stimulated the secretion of insulin in alloxan diabetic rats.
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