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Jerome S. Bruner의 지식구조론에 대한 분석적 고찰

Jerome S. Bruner의 지식구조론에 대한 분석적 고찰
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대학원 교육학과
Jerome S. Bruner지식구조론교육학
이화여자대학교 대학원
This study has been made for the purpose of finding out some suggestions which help us to convert our teaching method, through J. S. Bruner's view based on the structure of knowledge. An introduction, I have compared John Dewey's theory with Bruner's and examined effects of the cognitive development presented by Jean Piaget and the relationships between Bruner's thought and the modern thought on the structualism, to examine closely steps of the formation of the Bruner's thought of education. At the main subject, I try to investigate the bottom of Bruner's thought that he treats studying the structure of knowledge as a supreme principle of education and to analyse his assertions of the structure of knowledge. In conclusion, I have made plain instruction based on the structure of knowledge like this and provide you with Practical learning examples. According to Bruner's assertions, our knowledge has been. so rapidly changed to the extent that we can't predict those change and to catch up with the changes, learning about the structure of knowledge must become the most important task of education we ought to take care of. Therefore, his proposition that we should teach basic principles and laws from the earlier stage of human being has been highly spoken of to suggest the direction of the reformation of education in the United States. The suggestion which the Korean education circles can get from Bruner's theory of the structure of knowledge hint that the accumulated growth of the intelligent society of Korean could be stimulated.
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