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家口收入程度에 따른 子女養育差에 관한 硏究

家口收入程度에 따른 子女養育差에 관한 硏究
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대학원 사회학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The object of this study is to conform the difference in the way of childrearing among the parents according to the income level. Thus they were related to the way of childrearing of mothers to such behavior system of child as oral, anal and dependence. Asked also were such factors as father's attitudes for children, and parents' aspiration toward children. The means used in this research is limited to random sampling picking respective 280 mothers who live in Seoul. A brief resume up the result is as following : Mother's milk is more popular feeding type than other milk, and in suckling self-demanding schedule is practiced in higher and lower income group and scheduled-feeding is not popular. Comparing the beginning age of training in childrearing, for the spirit of independence and sociality mothers in higher income group is apt to train earlier than in lower income group except in toilet training. For the type of socialization in childrearing, participatory type is more popular than repressive type in higher and lower income group. Father's attitudes toward children are practiced in generous in both group. But for parental values show significant difference between group; Parents in lower income group want their children to be under their submission, on the other hand, parents in higher income group act of themselves with love. In conclusion, the difference in way and attitude of childrearing practices according to the income level has found in this study, particularly compare with the ones of 7 years ago parents practices of lower and higher income group has been changed respectively. The cause of those changes has been turned in this study to the influence of T.V. in lower income group and publication in middle income group.
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