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韓國淪落女性善導事業에 對한 小考

韓國淪落女性善導事業에 對한 小考
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대학원 사회사업학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
This thesis is a study of the rehabilitaijon of prortitutes in Korea. Its purpose is two-fold, First, to study prostitution in the light of part histiny and lerislation concerned with the problem; and secondly, to demonstrate the role of social workers in rehabilitaion work. The second chapter deals with the general concept of proptitution have been treated as if they occupied in the society they have been a neeessary evil. Prostitution becomes a crime asainst society when it harms morality and custom. The government should take respossibility for training prostitutes in a new vocation. The third part is concerned with the total number of prostututes and specific areas when they are found. If also the present report of vocational training sponsored by the government and the programs and plans of the public and private amencies are included in this chapter. Since the Girl's Welfare Association's rehabilitation work, established in 1960, has been very effective I have included of detailed report this association. The social survey in chapter four have been taken from two public and one private agency out of a total thirty a encies which are operated by professional social workers, the 80 cases have been picked by random smapling. The case study, reported in chapter five involvesone of the writer's case load when she was a field worker at the Houes of Grace. The main purpose of this thesis is to report the problem as it now exists in the hope that society and the government in korea will be specially concerned for helping in the rehabilitation of prostitutes. So that gradually this problem will disappear form our society.
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