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소비자행동과 제품의 시장세분화에 관한 연구

소비자행동과 제품의 시장세분화에 관한 연구
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(The) Study of the Consumer's Behavior and the Market Segmentation of Manufactures
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대학원 생활미술학과
소비자행동시장세분화세탁기 소비자구매행동
이화여자대학교 대학원
The appearance of many manufactures owing to the important of the standard of living by the growth of economy and the inovation of technique give the diversity to the uniform living pattern and conciousness of consumers. As the consumer's needs becomes personalized and subdivided today, which is different from the past that can satisfy all the consumers with one product, the pattern in which consumers select and own manufactures manufactures depends on psychological needs such as personal virtue and living pattern largely rather than physical characteristics and as a result, it is inducing the discrimination of manufactures and subdivision of market. Considering the change of consumer's behavior and conciousness spread over the market economy, in order to occupy Predominance in competitive market, the enterprizes should grasp the property of manufactures which consumers want and subdivid the market and plan and design the manufactures which can satisfy even the latent needs of consumers under the established subdivided strategy on the basis of the understanding of the inclusive behavior characteristic of consumer's layers. In this research, the washing machine which is the necessary durable material was selected as the object of this research, the conciousness and the latent needs shown in behavior of consumers of the group selected by the positive investigation and analysis of characteristics of conduct of washing machine consumers were examined and finally, to represent the efficient and substantial materials for the development of manufactures which can satisfy it, the research was carried out as following. 1. This research limited its purpose, range and method in the basic frame that is the strategy of market segmentation of the analysis of consumer's behavior-manufactures. 2. The theory of related area was to be united to set up market segmentation strategy of manufactures. To establish the efficient market segmentation strategy of manufactures the diversified understanding about the strategy of market subdivision was tried by examining the relation between consumers conduct and living patterns as well as the conception of market subdivision and related theory. After the relation between the change of living patterns which influence consumer's behavior and the change of the house wife's virtue and conciousness were examined, the needs for the rationalization of house labor and the substitution for house labor were examined. 3. For the establishment of market subdivision strategy of manufactures by the analysis of consumer's behavior the washing machine was selected as a object of the research and the history and the structure of washing machine and the tendency of domestic and forgien country were compared and analyzed. 4. The pattern of use and purchase of consumers was analyzed on the basis of investigated references and materials and various related theories and then, the efficient material for the establishment of market subdivision strategy was represented. 5. The model of design segmentation strategy for the development of the new product which can satisfy the consumer's desire through the positive examination and the result of analysis the characteristics shown at using and purchasing patterns.
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