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集團力動이 利他的行動에 미치는 影響

集團力動이 利他的行動에 미치는 影響
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(The) Effects of group dynamics on the Altruistic behavior
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대학원 교육심리학과
집단역동이타적 행동교육심리
이화여자대학교 대학원
The purpose of this study were to investigate the relationships between group dynamics ana altruistic behavior. The study postulated that two kinds of group dynamics cooperative set and competitive set may differentially influence on the initiation of altruistic behavior. In consideration of the previous studies on altruistic behavior, this Study hypothesized as follows; Ⅰ. Cooperation group will show altruistic behavior better than competition group. Ⅱ. In cooperation group proper, group with high level of inducibility will show more altruistic behavior than group with low level of inducibility. Ⅲ. Group size, operationally defined in terms of the number of group members, will differentiallv affect altruistic behavior. Three experiments were conducted to investigate these hypotheses. Experiment I used 18 subjects, experiment Ⅱ 24 subjects and experiment Ⅲ 22 subjects. They were in 4th grade attending a primary school in seoul area. The experimental procedures were divided into seven phases. Each phase was to develop and enhance altruistic behavior by observational learning. Three under graduates majoring psychology observed ana recorded the altruistic behavior of the children through one-way mirror. The results of three experiments confirmed our hypotheses. These implied for the important relationship between altruistic behavior and group dynamics manipulatable by game ana instructions. The results are summarized as follows. 1) Altruistic behavior can be fully induced by the formation of cooperative set. 2) Altruistic behavior doesn't t necessarily seem to require positive reinforcement which previous studies have regarded as a prerequisite. However, many other problems, for instance, the relationship between the strength of altruistic behavior and the number of objects donated, the proper index of altruistic behavior, the hierarchy in the various altruistic behavior -- all these needed further study.
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