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효율적인 인사배치모형개발에 관한 연구

효율적인 인사배치모형개발에 관한 연구
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대학원 경영학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
Today companies are seeking more efficient, rational processes for matching individuals with the kinds of work they are best suited to perform. Internal placement refers to the processes employees are promoted or transferred among jobs in a company. Optimally unilizing the skills available among employees is necessary for an organization to sucessfully cope with the environmental challenges and to improve its competitiveness. In this respect, systems for inventorying talent and identifying job candidates are needed to provide targets for individuals in their personal development and to assure management of an adequate, prepared supply of talent to meet projected needs . Moreover, in order to expand the career progression possibilities for individuals by providing a formal, organizationwide inventory, rational system for matching individuals with the adequate jobs. Increasingly, emphasis is being given the planned career progression of individuals from one job to another, based on career plans, career paths and job requirements, and individual appraisals. The purpose of this study is to establish a model for the effective person-job matching. Mathematical model, supported by simulation method was adopted to develop such a model. The conceptual framework of this study is shown in the figure below: ◁그림 삽입▷(원문을 참조하세요) A case study was conducted to examine the problems about job matching system of a company and to discuss some aspects of concerning the application of suggested model of this study. H-Hevey Industries Corp. was selected for this case study. The selected company was founded in 1973 and has around 23,000 employees now. This company is one of the biggest shipbuilding companies in Korea. Interviews and on-site observation, and literature survey were conducted to solve the placement problems of this company and to suggest solutions by development a model. The human resource placement model as a proposal was developed in three steps. First, a mathematical model using vector was established as a basic model for human resource placement. Second, Using Assignment Method as simulation technique, the model maximizing person-job fit relationship was proposed. Third, human resource placement model using human resource information system was built up for management practices. An essential component in a developed human placement model is a job function code which applies not only to a broad cross section of positions but also to individual qualifications. That is, an individual's skills and abilities can be described along the same dimensions used to describe jobs. In conclusion, the recognition of the importance of person-job fit is a prerequisite for effective human placement. Furthermore, most organizations have to focus on utilizing this model as a system conjoining with human resource information system in management practice and continue to develop the model considering situational variables. This subject still open to question.;최근 인적자원관리 분야에서는 급변하는 환경변화를 예측하고 이에 적응하기 위한 노력으로서 인적자원계획에 관한 관심이 고조되고 있다. 특히, 종업원의 직무만족과 조직의 성과를 증대시키기 위해서는 인간-직무 적합관계를 고려한 인사배치계획이 이루어져야 한다. 본 연구에서는 이러한 필요성에 입각하여 종업원의 적성 및 자질과 직무가 요구하는 자질을 가장 잘 적합시키는 인사배치모형을 제사하고자 한다. 이를 통하여 보다 합리적이고 객관적인 인사배치를 위한 根幹을 마련하는데 본 연구의 목적이 있다. 실증연구방법으로는 사례연구를 통하여 기업의 인사배치상의 문제점을 파악하고 이률 해결하기 위한 대안으로서 합리적인 인사배치모형을 제시하고자 하였다. 모형개발의 방법으로는 3단계의 절차를 통하여, 수학적 모델을 중심으로 기본모델을 구성하고, 시뮬레이션을 통하여 이를 검토한 후, 종합적으로 인적자원정보시스템을 이용한 인사배치모형을 제시하고자 하였다. 본 연구의 결과로 확인된 것은 개발된 인사배치모형이 직무가 요구하는 자질 뿐 만 아니라, 종업원의 자질과 적성을 고려하는 것으로서 인간 중심의 배치라는 관점올 반영하고 있으며, 개인자질에 관한 변화내용을 정기적으로 수정함으로 동태적인 관점을 고려하고 있다는 것이다. 또한 본 연구에서 개발된 인사배치모형은 기업내 인적자원정보시스템과 결합이 되면 통합적인 시스템의 하부 시스템으로서의 역할 수행이 가능하다.
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