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「劉氏三代錄」 硏究

「劉氏三代錄」 硏究
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대학원 국어국문학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
This is the study of Yu-ssi Samdaerok( 劉氏三代錄 ) the novel in the later part of Lee Dynasty, Yu-ssi Samdaerok is the story of three generations of the Yu, In thesis the focus was out on studying the aspects and the developments of the story and finding the significance. Chapter Ⅱ dealt with the problems of bibliography. After 29 kinds of versions presented and the contents of these versions examined, the Book XX preserved in National Library was chosen as the object of this study. And then the conditions how this novel has been succeeded were discussed. As a result, this novel was found to have been enjoyed among the high class, scholars and officials and to have been written by a Korean. In chapter Ⅲ, the pattern of cohabitations, the convention of Folk Narrative, the symbol of number three, and the writer's intentions were examined to show how three generation structure came into being. Through studying the traits of each generation and the relationship among them, I deduced the aspects of the development of three generation structure. Comparing them with the novels dealing with the story of one generation such as Hong hil dong Geon( 洪吉童傳 ), Suk young nang za Geon( 淑英娘子傳 ), Jo yung Geon( 趙雄傳 ), I found that three generation structure effectively emphasized one family composed of many generations. And comparing them with other three generation structure such as Haedong Yi-ssi samdae rok( 海東李氏三代錄 ), Munjang P'Ungnyu samdae rok ( 文章風流三代錄 ), Yim-ssi samdae rok( 林氏三代錄 ), this novel was found to include more organized structure of each generation. In chapter Ⅳ, the consciousness of this novel was disclosed on the basis of above study. The results are as follows. Firstly, the value of individual love was newly grown out of the values respecting community more importantly. Secondly, woman's consciousness resisting the sturdiness of paternal rights was found. Thirdly, the consciousness of loyalty of scholars and officials which was being changed in the later part of Lee Dynasty was noticed. Finally, the new cognition of humanity was found.;本稿는 朝鮮後期 長篇小說인 「劉氏三代錄」에 관한 연구이다. 「유씨삼대록」은 書誌的 側面에서나 作品의 構成方式面에 있어 주목할만한 가치를 지닌 작품이라 할 수 있다. 따라서 본고는 이에 대한 검토를 통해 「유씨삼대록」의 文學的 性格과, 그 意義를 밝히고자 하였다. Ⅱ章에서는 「유씨삼대록」의 書誌問題를 다루었다. 現存하는 29種의 資料를 제시하고 異本의 내용을 검토해서 國立中央圖書館本 20卷 20冊을 연구대상본으로 선정하였다. 作品의 傳承狀況을 살펴보면 「유씨삼대록」은 19세기의 상층사대부층에 의해 향유되었고, 國內創作의 가능성이 높은 작품임이 나타난다. Ⅲ章에서는 3代가 보이는 同居의 單位性, 民俗的인 貫習性, 숫자 3의 상징성, 작가의 의도라는 측면에서 三代記構成의 形成背景을 살폈다. 그리고 世代別 性格과 世代間의 관련양상을 통해 三代記構成의 展開樣相을 추출하였다. 이것을 一代記小說인「洪吉童傳」,「趙雄傳」, 「淑英娘子傳」과 비교하여 三代記構成이 集團-家門-을 부각시키는 구성방식임을 밝혔다. 三代錄作品인「海東李氏三代錄」, 「文章風流三代錄」, 「林氏三代錄」과 비교해 볼 때, 「劉氏三代錄」은 가족관계를 중심으로 한 世代間의 관련양상이 보다 긴밀하게 구성되고 있다. Ⅳ章에서는 앞장에서 추출한 전개양상을 토대로 「유씨삼대록」에 나타난 作家意識을 살폈다. 첫째 集團中心의 愛情觀 속에서 새롭게 성장하는 個人中心의 愛情追求性向이 나타난다. 둘째 夫權의 硬直性에 저항하는 女性意識이 보인다. 세째 朝鮮後期 士大夫들의 忠意識이 變質되어 나타난다. 네째 心性에 대한 새로운 인식이 드러나고 있다.
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