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O'Casey 작품을 통해 본 긍정적인 삶의 전망

O'Casey 작품을 통해 본 긍정적인 삶의 전망
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O'casey's optimistic vision of life in Red roses for me and Cock-a-doodle dandy
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대학원 영어영문학과
O'Caseyred rosedandy영어영문학
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O'Casey는 그가 겪은 제반의 사회상황을 진지하게 관조하여 작품에 반영시킨다. 그는 조국 아일랜드 및 세계사치 혼란기를, 다양한 극작기법을 통해 작품 속에 다루고 있다. O'Casey는 극을 통하여 사회체제의 허위와 기만을 폭로한다. 인간 개개인의 어리석음을 풍자하던 초기작품과는 달리 중기작품 이후로는 인간의 생존의지를 억압하고 개별성을 말살하는 집단적 힘과 권위적 사회체제가 부여하는 불합리한 구속을 부각시킨다. 반면 O'Casey는 인간들 스스로가 야기시킨 사회전반의 혼란의 문제들을 개선하려는 노력을 중히 여긴다. 그는 창조적 열정을 통한 끊임없는 정신적인 각성과 이를 행동으로 구체화하려는 의지력을 가진 인간을 통하여 사회변화에의 기대를 부여한다. 본문에서 다루는 Red Roses for Me는 사회체제의 정체적 면모와 Ayamonn이라는 개인이 열정적인 삶의 추구 및 자유의지가 대비되어 나타난다. Ayamonn이 표출하는 삶의 비젼은 무감각화된 Dublin의 시민들에게 자극으로 작용하여 인식의 계기를 이룬다. Ayamonn은 변화의 순간을 의미하는 동맹파업에 참여하여 능동적 자아를 실현시킨 뒤 그의 죽음을 통하여 진정한 삶의 의의를 고취시킨다. Cock-a-Doodle Dandy에서는 생을 억압하려는 죽음의 힘을 구사하는 Father Domineer의 세력과 삶의 활력을 통한자유의지를 구현하는 Cock의 추종자들간의 갈등의 과정이 제시된다. 마을의 젊은이들은 본연적 충만한 삶을 위하여 마을의 기존체제가 보이는 위선과 권위와 구속에 대항하고 결국 마을을 떠난다. 그러나 자유로운 탐색의 여정을 떠나는 Cock일행의 풍요가 침체된 마을의 정적을 압도함으로써 희망적 전망을 반영하면서 끝맺고 있다. O'Casey는 그의 극을 통하여 삶에서 도피하거나 삶을 부정하지 않고 인생자체에 적극적으로 참여하는 인간형을 통하여 긍정적인 삶의 전망을 제시해 보이고 있는 것이다.;O'Casey is a playwright who has seriously contemplated the various social situation he has experienced and reflected those in his works. He treats in his works the World War, commercial panic and ruinous quality of materialistic civilization of Capitalism as well as the period of confusion in Ireland that he has experienced. Unlike the realistic tendencey of his early works, from the middle period he attempts various dramaturgy including expressionism, symbolism and fantastic farce. These changes in techniques are interpreted as O'Casey's effort to treat more deeply the social situation he has apprehended. Through his drama, O'Casey exposes falsity and fraud of social system. He evaluates reality as a situation where true values are disregarded and distorted by disorder. This situation has been brought about by human folly but human beings, not realizing this, regard it as a kind of destiny. Thus, instead of improving, society remains stagnant. Unlike his early works in which he sallied folly of individual human beings, he not only accuses collective power of social system that suppresses human will to survive and annihilates individuallity but also treats all the aspects of irrational restraint by social system endowed with authoritative power. On the other hand, O'Casey believed that although the problem in the social structure have been incured by human errors, man ought to put effort in to correct this situation by his will for reform, at the same time. He firmly believed that a proper way of Life could be presented by the creative spirit that lives and breathes within human beings and by the free will to overcome all the restricting circumstaces. In Red Roses for Me treated in the body of this thesis, the stagnant aspect of social structure and the passionate quest of life and free will of an individual, Ayamonn, are presented in contrast. The vision of life displayed by Ayamonn is transferred to the benumbed inhabitants of Dublin and forms the occasion for awaking. Ayamonn participates in the general strike which implies the moment of transition and reaches death after realising the active self. Cock a Doodle Dandy presents the process of conflict between the followers of cock who embodies vision of life and the forces of Father Domineer wile commands power of death. The young people of village opposes oppressive authority and existing order with vitality of life and will to resist and eventually leaves the vitiate. However, the play closes with a promising prospect as the affluence of Cock's party leaving for free queat overwhelms the stagnant tranquility of the village. O'Casey has dramatized an urgent need to remain an individual human being in the contemporary society where human dignity and individuality is ignored and materialism is raging. Through his dramas, O'Casey has presented the optimistic vision of life by the type of man who does not run away from the reality of Life but trys to live with creative desire and active will.
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