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高麗木版本의 硏究

高麗木版本의 硏究
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대학원 도서관학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
Several studies have been made to this date on the woodcut printing and Koryo engraved printing books (高麗木版本), which had a considerable influence on the cultures of the Koryo ana Yi Dynasties for almost one thousand years. However, these studies are isolated and no serious and analytical researches have been made yet on the engraved printing books from the biblio-graphic point of view. Therefore, this dissertation based on the existing Koryo engraved printing books centers its study on the origin of the woodcut printing, the old printing technique; background for the printing of the Confucian classics; how the woodcut printing was introduced to Korea; and, the development of this printing technique. Although there are several different theories on the origin of the woodcut printing, it is generally agreed that the publication of Confucian classics in 992, the third year of Changhung of Later Tang Dynasty (後唐長興3年), china is believed to be the first woodcut printing, which, at a Iater date, was disseminated to Korea and Japan because of their geographical proximity. Naturally, the woodcut printing preceded the modern type printing. However, the woodcut printing made a tremendous contributions to the cultural history in the Orient. While some theories trace the origin of the woodcut printing in Korea to the Silla Dynasty, the available records show that it was introduced to Korea from China during the reign of Sung-jong of the Koryo Dynasty. And, as an invocation for national safety, the complete Buddhist Scriptures (大藏經) were printed on two occasions with the woodcut printing technique. Continued introduction of publications from China and influence of both Buddhism and Confucianism with their Scriptures publications resulted in the development of Koryo woodcut printing. Repented invasions and internal strifes through the past Korean history caused either destruction or loss of the woodcut printing publications. And, on]y a handful of them is preserved. Based on the available Koryo engraved printing books, catalogues, university libraries, the National Library and individual collections, a selection of publications during the Koryo Dynasty was made. Further listing of the Koryo engraved printing books was made in chronological order with brief descriptions on the characteristics of them. The study shows a considerable political and cultural influences of both Sung (宋) and Won (元) Dynasties of China. While the Chinese influence is beyond any question, the Koryo engraved printing books are either equal to or, in some, excelthose of China.
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