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靑年루터에 對한 心理學的理解

靑年루터에 對한 心理學的理解
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(A) Psychological Study about Young Luther
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대학원 기독교학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
This study of Martin Luther as a young man is planned out to compare the characteristics of his theological development with certain step of his psychological maturation which every man usually take; the internalization of father-son relationship; the concomitant crystallization of conscience; the safe establishment of all identity as a workor and a man; and the affirmation of his basic conviction or faith. It has been attempted, in this thesis, to explain emotional crisis in Luther's childhood, adoliscence and early adulthood which accompanied his progress into manhood and theology. His ambivalent character which he acquired in his early family life; the maltreatment he received at the hands of his parents, especially his father Hans, forced him into the role of rebel. However, Martin's reactions to his father's pressure are the beginning of individual conscience his father. This feeling continued through his life. The early hostility and obedience later was projected on God with such violence that Martin's monastic teacher could not help noticing it, "God does not hate you, you hate him." So that in the cloister he was stubbornly engaged in the life-or-death struggle for that sense of a total justification of himself which he thought both father and Father in Heaven had denied him. At the very moment when Christ became the core of the Luther's self identity, he reached self-assurance and the insight of his theology. This study has treated Luther until the time when he took up the case Leipzig disputation with the Catholic professor John Eck on July, 1519, the time which is usually considered by Luther's biographers as the younger period of his life as a Reformer. This study is an analysis of young Luther's psychological conditions and personal backgrounds, aiming to understand how his early experience influenced on and related to his later theological affirmations.
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