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Rorschach 검사를 통한 비정상가정출신 여대생들의 성격특징에 관한 연구

Rorschach 검사를 통한 비정상가정출신 여대생들의 성격특징에 관한 연구
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Rorschach Studies on Personality Characteristics of Woman's University Students from Abnormal Family
김영자 .
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대학원 교육심리학과
rorschach 검사비정상가정여대생성격특징
이화여자대학교 대학원
This study is based on random sampling method, including as its subjects 60 university girls coming from abnormal home (abnormal family group) who had been bereaved of one of the their parents or both before they reach 5-year-old, and another 60 girls coming from normal home (normal family group). They range in age from 17 to 23, and, consequent upon family group was found to be 121.3, and abnormal family group of 120.2 in respect to their IQ's. The result of Rorschach test conducted over the individual under the administrative process standardized by Klopfer, both groups have shown mean value to each Rorschach factor within normal range, but in abnormal family group, they were found to be inconsistent in potential personality characteristics by showing conspicuous difference as revealed over 7 types of Rorschach factor which may constitute prognostic factor leading to failure ot adjustment. Personality characteristics in abnormal family group to found in comparative abservation to normal family group are as follow: Decrease in 1) Number of Response (R) Increase in 2) First Reaction Time (T/T_(1)) 3) Rejection (Rej.) 4) Unusual Detail Response(Dd) Decrease in 5) Color Response (C) 6) Number of response to Ⅷ, Ⅸ, Ⅹ Card(Ⅷ, Ⅸ, Ⅹ R %) Increase in 7) Anatomy Response (At%), etc.
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