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(A) Study of the "Sam Kwan Kee"
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대학원 국어국문학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
「三官記」는 陶菴 李縡(1680~1746)의 作品이다. 李縡는 歷史上 가장 黨爭이 심하였던 時代를 살았으며, 黨爭으로 인하여 직접, 간접으로 피해를 보았던 人物이었다. 「三官記」는 漢文寫本으로 乾·坤 2卷이며, 耳官·目官·心官上下로 名記되어 이야기가 전개되었다. 耳官과 目官은 乾冊에 記錄되어 있으며, 心官上下는 坤冊에 記錄되어 있다. 이와같은 체제에서 作家의 意圖가 있었음을 알았다. 즉 李縡 自身과 어떤 관련하에 나타나는가에 따라 구별하였음을 알았다. 「三官記」를 理解하기 위하여는 時代的 背景이 先行되어야 하였다. 왜냐하면 실제 歷史的 事件, 그와 관련된 逸話, 人物談이 이 作品의 素材이였기 때문이다. 「三官記」의 內容 分析에서는 그 당시의 人物들의 價値觀, 風習, 歷史的인 狀況을 알 수 있었고, 作家意識도 알 수 있었다. 「三官記」는 李縡가 經驗한 生涯를 末年에 整理, 記錄한 단편적인 이야기의 羅列이다. 이러한 이야기들은 內容面으로나 形式面으로나 서로 聯關이 있음을 알았다. 즉 內容面에서는 단편적으로 羅列된 이야기 위에 儒孝의 義를 따라서 處身하려 하였고, 나아가 義가 俱現되는 時代를 바라고 있음을 알았다. 또한 形式面으로 볼 때 공통된 主題나 素材의 連想作用에 의하여 記錄되었다. 결국 「三官記」는 李縡의 意識의 흐름을 쫓으면서 儒者의 義를 따르는 살을 기록하였고, 실제적, 經驗的인 素材로 虛構的인 설정을 排除하고 事實性을 전제로 하여 眞實性을 追究하였던 記錄性이 짙은 隨筆作品이다.;「Sam Kwan Kee(三官記)」 is a collection of essays written by Yi Jae(李縡). The period Yi Jae has lived was the most severe time of the party strife, and he was directly or indirectly damaged by the party strife. 「Sam Kwan Kee(三官記)」 which is chinese writing manuscript, is composed of 2 books, 「Kwon(乾)」 and 「Kon(坤)」, and 2 books consist of 3 parts, "I-Kwan(耳官)", "Mok-Kwan(目官)", "Sim-Kwan(心官)" , and each part has 2 sections "Sana(上)", and "Ha (下)". "I-Kwan(耳官)" and "Mok-Kwan(目官)" is recorded in the books of 「Kwon(乾)」, and "Sim-Kwan(心官)" is in the book of 「Kon(坤)」. Basing on the structure of Sam Kwan Kee(三官記), the author could find that Yi Jae decided this book into 3 parts by the relation of himself and structure. This book could be understood only when the author know thoroughly the social background of that time. It is because that historical events of that time, episodes related with him and the persons around him are the methods of this book. From analyzing the contents of 「sam Kwan Kee (三官記)」, the author could found the person's view of life, customs, historical situation at that time and Yi Jae's writing sense. 「Sam Kwan Kee (三官記)」 was composed of many short stories written about Yi jae's life experience, which was arranged in his later years. These short stories ane related with each other not only in contenty but in structure. According to examining the contents of 「Sam Kwan Kee(三官記)」 it can be said that yi jae hoped not only to live by the Righteousness(義), one of the important confucianism's idea, but also eagerly hoped the Righteousness would come true in the world. In structure, 「Sam Ewan Kee(三官記)」 also showed that each short story has written by the association of same theme or subject matters. In conclusion, 「Sam Kwan Kee(三官記)」 is a collection of essays written about Yi Jae's life confroming himself to "Righteousness(義)" persuing his stream of consciousness. He has inquired into truth based on his real experience.
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