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Alban Berg의 초기 7개의 가곡에 관한 연구

Alban Berg의 초기 7개의 가곡에 관한 연구
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(A) Study of Alban Berg's Early 7 Songs
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대학원 음악학부
Alban Berg가곡작품세계
이화여자대학교 대학원
19세기의 후기 낭만파 음악과 20세기 초기의 현대음악은 주로 독일을 중심으로 한 유럽에서 발전 되어진다. 베르그(Alban Berg 1885-1935)는 표현주의와 무조음악 ,12음계로 유명한 쇤베르그 악파의 한 사람으로써 20세기 초의 음악사에 새로운 장을 여는데 큰 몫을 담당한 작곡가로 일생을 후기 낭만파 음악의 정서로 일관한 작곡가였다. 본 논문은 베르그의 초기 가곡들 가운데 1905년에서 1908년 사이에 작곡한 <초기 7개의 가곡(Sieben fru¨he Lieder)>에 관한 연구이다.<초기 7개의 가곡>은 베르그가 쇤베르그(Arnold Schonberg 1874-1951)에게서 사사받기 시작한 이후에 작곡된 작품으로서 독일 낭만주의의 전통 하에 있던 슈만(Robert Schumann1810-1856)에서부터 초기 쇤베르그까지의 모든 영향을 받았음을 보여주는 곡이다. 또한 각 곡마다 다양한 양식을 사용하여 작곡됨으로써 베르그가 전통을 존중하면서도 새로운 음악적 기법을 사용하여 작곡한 작곡가임을 드러낸다.;In the musical history, the trends of post-romantic music in the 19th century and the modem music in the early 20th century were began originally in Germany and had been developed and spreaded out to Europe. A. Berg was one of the pupils of Scho˝nberg who was famous for his creative twelve-tone music as well as atonal music within Expressionism. The twelve-tone music is constructed according to the principle of 12-note composition which is served by the series or row of 12 notes of the equal-tempered scale arranged in particular order. Berg played an important role in paving a new way throughout the 20th century musical history. He devoted himself to compose songs throughout his life. This thesis examines the early songs of A. Berg especially those composed between 1905 and 1908. 「Sieben fruhe Lieder」 were written during the time he was taking his musical lessons from Scho˝nberg. These songs show us that he was deeply influenced by Schumann who was affiliated with the traditional German romantic music and that he was affected by Scho˝nberg's early principles in music.. Each song was composed in various forms so that by studying on these songs, we can find that A Berg was in collusion with the traditional skills. In addition, he used new skills in composition though respecting the tradition.
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