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「뎨국신문」의 女性開化論 硏究

「뎨국신문」의 女性開化論 硏究
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(The) effect of the Jaekuk Sinmun in women's civilization
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대학원 사회생활학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The aim of this treatise is to observe the role and the limitation of Jaekuk Sinmun (帝國新聞) in women's liberation movement and campaign for enlightenment which had been issued from 1989 to 1910. Using Korean letters only Jaekuk Sinmun(帝國新聞) spoke for women and lower class published many editorials in a viewpoint of women's matters. First, the Jaekuk Sinmun(帝國新聞) printed with ease the information and knowledge about the fields of politics, economics and social affairs. For instance, the sitation of domestic politics, the growth of consciousness of civil right, the invasion of economic benefits by super powers, the serious international political situations and the neccessity of enhancing the ability of agriculture, commerce, and industrial to keep pace with the age of trade battle. Second, by listing the effects brought from the women's education, the Jaekuk Sinmun(帝國新聞) enlightened the parents who, struck to the old tradition, thought the education for their daughters as the last thing to be done. And it, which has a great interest in the women's spontaneous activities such as the involvement in the civil right movement and the establishment of their schools, informed of each activity and urged the government to set up the Public Women's School. Third, Jaekuk Sinmun(帝國新聞), which played a important role in inducing woment to social activities, introduced the women's social activities in Western and the occupations in datail. Besides it enumerate the items to be improved, persuading Korean Women to participate in the social activities with the change of times. Fourth, Jaekuk Sinmun(帝國新聞) insisted to abolish a bad institutions-thus submitted new moral standard based on the thought of equal right between the sexes, pointed out the nonsense of many superstitions and offered practical knowledge to improve the everyday life of its readers. Fifth, the Jaekuk Sinmun(帝國新聞) paved the way for women in home to participate in the school activities by printing their works and contributed to enhancement of the women's systimatic thinking ability and helped them to express their opinions. Finally, the Jaekuk Sinmun(帝國新聞) gave women the conception of equal right in education and social activity who were oppressed and treated lowly by old institution for a long time. The Jaekuk Sinmun(帝國新聞) offered the place where women could act by means of contribution and the fact ought to be estimated highly.;本稿는 創刊 당시부터 순국문을 사용하여 女性層과 下層民을 對象으로 愛國啓蒙活動을 展開하여온 뎨국신문(1898. 8 ∼ 1910. 10)의 論說을 分析함으로써 뎨국신문이 女性開化에 미친 影響을 살펴보고, 뎨국신문에 실린 女性寄稿를 통하여 당시 女性들의 意識成長의 정도를 考察하고자 하였다. 創刊時부터 社長인 李鍾一은 '女性啓蒙紙', '女性을 위한 新聞' 發刊에 對한 뚜렷한 信念을 表明하였다. 그리하여 論說을 통하여 政治·經濟·社會 各分野에 걸쳐 광범한 近代的 知識을 提供함으로써 女性의 눈과 귀를 열리게 하여 資質있는 市民으로 成長해 나갈 수 있도록 도움을 주었다. 또한 時代의 變遷을 認識시키고 女性敎育의 必要性을 力說하였으며 더 나아가 女性들도 社會活動에 參與할 것을 勸誘함으로써 時代가 要求하는 能力있는 女性像을 提示코자 하였다. 이러한 女性에 대한 관심과 배려는 女性의 人權問題에도 미쳐 早婚·賣買婚 ·寡婦改嫁禁止·蓄妾·內外風習등의 惡習廢止를 주장하여 男女同等思想에 立脚한 새로운 家庭倫理를 定立코자 하였다. 뎨국신문의 꾸준한 啓蒙活動에 對應하여 女性들은 스스로 뎨국신문사에 寄稿하여 新聞論調를 批評하기도 하고, 政治·社會의 흐름에 관심을 갖고 나름대로의 意見을 밝히는등 意識의 成長을 보여주었던 것이다.
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