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한국금융자율화 추진에 따른 예금보험제도 도입에 관한 연구

한국금융자율화 추진에 따른 예금보험제도 도입에 관한 연구
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(A) study on the introdution of deposit insurance system with finance reregulation of Korea
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대학원 경제학과
한국금융자율화예금보험제Deposit Insurance System
이화여자대학교 대학원
The purpose of this study is to consider the introdction of deposit in surance system as an in stitutional apparatus to enure financial stablity for korean commeroial banks which may face rising risks, including bankruptcy, following the nation's flnancial deregulation in effect since the early '80s. The improvement of bank financial stability. which is as much important as the financial deregulation of the nation's banking industy, should be achieved through the reinforcement of relevant institutional apparatus and the regulation of banking indust's without imparing the industy's fair competition. An institutional apparatus to boost public confidence in commercial banks, the introduction of deposit insurance system along with the establishment of a government supervisory body is recomended. This study explains how deposit insurance system can work for commercial banks, while seeking ways of solving the problems in deposit insurance system currently in partial operation by the nation's secondary financial institutions other than commercial bank. This study also suggests the possibility of a deposit insurance system that could help maintain proper credit system within commercial banks as well as support an effective financial deregulation. To prepars guidlines for such a system, studies of non-monetary financial institutions as it was established for the purpose of proteoting depositors, fortering wholesome short-money industy and utimately contributing to the development of national economy. With the process of financial deregulation still under way in Korea, researchs should continue to work out a specific type of deposit insurance system that would best suit the nation's financial and banking circumstances. It is desired that the deposit insurance system be conduct to the long-term stability and development of the nation's banking industy.;은행이 도산하면 그것이 주주에 대해서만이 아니라 수많은 소액예금자에게도 피해가 있기 마련이며, 더욱이 그것이 국민경제에 미치는 등 그로 인한 폐해가 자못 심각하다. 금융자율화 과정에서 예상되는 경쟁심화로 인한 중소기업 등의 경영부실을 예방하고, 금융기관간의 경쟁체제를 도입하기 위한 기반을 조성하는데 있어서도 안정성확보를 위한 보완장치로서 예금보험제도는 바람직하다고 사료된다. 따라서 앞으로 충실한 예금보험제도를 도입함으로써 일반국민의 신뢰를 최대화하는 한편, 동 제도에 따른 도덕적위험을 최소화 할 수 있는 방안을 강구함으로써 양자를 적절히 조화시키기 위한 보다 많은 연구가 요청된다고 하겠다. 그러므로 금융자율화가 추진되고 있는 우리나라의 신용질서유지와 금융자율화의 효율적인 추진을 우한 예금보험제도 실시 가능성과 기본방향을 제시하고자 한다.
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