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W.A. Mozart Violin Sonata K.296과 S. Prokofiev Violin Sonata op.94a에 관한 연구

W.A. Mozart Violin Sonata K.296과 S. Prokofiev Violin Sonata op.94a에 관한 연구
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(A) Study on Violin Sonata K.296 of W.A. Mozart and Violin Sonata op.94a of Sergei Prokofiev
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MozartViolin Sonata K.296ProkofievViolin Sonata op.94a
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본 논문은 W. A. Mozart Violin Sonata K. 296과 S. Prokofiev Violin Sonata op.94a의 여러 문헌을 통해 작곡가의 음악적 경향을 살펴보고, 작품의 분석을 하는 것을 주요 내용으로 하고 있다. Mozart Violin Sonata K. 296은 violin과 Piano가 처음으로 동등하게 취급된 최초의 sonata로 양식적인 면에서는 고전적인 양식이 확립되었다. Prokofiev Violin Sonata op.94a는 본래 flute을 위해 씌여진 곡으로 David Oistrach의 제안에 의해서 편곡되었다. violin 음악의 유머스러운 걸작이라는 평을 듣는 이 곡은 Prokofiev 특유의 쾌활, 유머스러운 특징들이 잘 나타나는 작품이다. 길고 흐르는 듯한 아름다운 선율은 이 곡을 특히 두드러지게 한다.;The purpose of this thesis is to examine the musical background of the composer through many texts concerning W. A. Mozart Violin Sonata K. 296 and S . Prokofiev Violin Sonata op94a, to get a better understanding of the composer's musical world through theoretical analysis, and to get some help in performing. Mozart Violin Sonata K.296 was the first sonata that treated the piano and the violin equally, and for it's stylistic aspect, the classical style was established Prokofiev Violin Sonata op.94a was originally written for the flute and it was arranged by David Oistrach. Having been praised as the humorous masterpiece of music, the peculiarly cheerful and the humorous chracteristics of Prokofiev are welly expressed in this piece. Especially the long and flowing atmosphere of the melody makes this piece outstanding.
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