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Aluminum monostearate 첨가 lipiodol-anticancer suspension의 유동학적 고찰

Aluminum monostearate 첨가 lipiodol-anticancer suspension의 유동학적 고찰
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Rheological Study of Lipiodol-Anticancer Suspensions with Aluminum Monostearate
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대학원 약학과
Aluminum monostearate첨가lipiodol-anticancer suspension유동학
이화여자대학교 대학원
Anticancer drug인 5-fluorouracil, tegafur, mitomycin C, methotrexate 및 adriamycin을 함유하는 Lipiodol-Anticancer Suspensions을 제조하고, dispersing stabilizer로는 aluminum monostearate를 사용하였다. Aluminum monostearate의 농도가 증가할수록 Lipiodol-Suspensions의 apparent viscosity가 증가하였고, aluminum monostearate의 농도가 2%이상일 때 thixotropy를 나타내었다. Aluminum monostearate를 2%로 고정하고 함유하는 anticancer drug을 5-fluorouracil, tegafur 및 methotrexate로 달리하였을 때 Lipiodol-Anticancer Suspensions의 rheogram은 서로 유사하였다. 또한, Lipiodol-Suspension은 냉장보존기간이 2주이상이면 thixotropic area의 감소를 보였다. Aluminum monosterate가 2%의 농도로 첨가된 Lipiodol-Anticancer Suspension은 단순혼화한 Lipiodol-Anticancer Suspension 및 aluminum monostearate를 첨가하지 않은 Lipiodol-Anticancer Suspension에 비해 높은 현탁성을 장시간 유지하였다. Lipiodol-Anticancer Suspension으로부터의 약물 방출은 첨가된 aluminum monostearate의 농도가 증가함에 따라 점차적으로 지연되었고, 함유된 anticancer drug의 hydrophilicity 및 분자량 등의 약물특성에 따라 차이를 보였다.;Lipiodol-Anticancer Suspensions containing each drug of fluorouracil, tegafur, mitomycin C, methotrexate, and adriamycin were prepared by Shinohara method using aluminum monostearate dispersing stabi1izer. The higher the concentration of aluminum monostearate, the higher the apparent viscosity of Lipiodol-Anticancer Suspensions. And Lipiodol-Suspension showed thixotropy when the concentration of aluminum monostearate was more than 2%. Lipiodol-Anticancer Suspensions with 2% aluminum monostearate containing each drug of fluorouracil, tegafur, and methotrexate showed similar rheograms. Also, when the storaging time of Lipiodol-Suspensions in a refrigerator (at 4℃) was more than 2 weeks, the thixotropic area which reflects the extent of thixotropic breakdown decreased. Lipiodol -Anticancer Suspensions with 2% aluminum monostearate maintained high suspensibilities compared with simple mixtures and Lipiodol-Anticancer Suspensions without aluminum monostearate. As the concentration of aluminum monostearate increased, the characteristics of drug release from Lipiodol-Anticancer Suspensions were gradually sustained. And the release characteristics of drugs which have high hydrophilicity and higher molecular weight were more sustained.
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