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Indomethacin coprecipitate 조제를 위한 combined water soluble carrier의 영향

Indomethacin coprecipitate 조제를 위한 combined water soluble carrier의 영향
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Effect of Water Soluble Carrier on Preparing Indomethain Coprecipitate
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Indomethacin coprecipitate조제combined water soluble carrier영향
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This is a report of investigation made to ascertain dissolution characteristics of a relatively water insoluble drug Indomethacin in the form of a coprecipitate with single and combined carrier. Water soluble carrier used was PVP, dextrose, me nitol, and was prepared with various ratios. The dissolution rate in medium of pH 7.2 was compared to each other using Indomethacin coprecipitate with various ratios of drug-to-carrier. The experimental results are as follows: 1. The dissolution rate of 1:3 drug-to-carrier coprecipitates were more rapid than 1:1 coprecipitates in the case of both single and combined carrier and the dissolution rate of coprecipitate with the combined carrier was more rapid than that the single carrier. The combination of 50% PVP-50% dextrose as the carrier for a 1:1 coprecipitate and 80% PVP-20% dextrose as the carrier for a 1:3 coprecipitate yielded the most rapid dissolution rate. 2.The dissolution rate of Indomethacin was most markedly enhanced when using PVP: dextrose as the combined carrier.;難溶性 藥物인 Indomethcin의 溶出速度 증대를 위하여 水溶性 carrier인 dextrose, mannitol, 및 Polyvinylpyrrolidone 등을 여러 비율로 하여 coprecipitates를 調製하고 pH 7.2에서 溶出速度를 비교 검토하였다. 그 결과는 다음과 같다. single 및 combined carrier에서 drug - to - carrier의 比가 1 : 1 인 때보다 1 : 3인 때의 溶出速度가 빠르고, single carrier를 사용했을때 보다는 combined carrier를 사용했을 때가 빠르며, PVP : dextrose의 combiend carrier를 사용하였을 때 溶出을 가장 증대시켰다. 즉 drug - to - carrier의 比가 1:1인때, PVP : dextrose = 5 : 5인 경우 溶出量이 증대 되었고 1:3에서는 PVP : dextrose = 8 : 2가 가장 溶出量이 증대되었다.
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