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L.v.Beethoven의 Violin Sonata No.8,Op.30,No.3에 관한 분석

L.v.Beethoven의 Violin Sonata No.8,Op.30,No.3에 관한 분석
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An Analysis of L. v. Beethoven의 Violin Sonata No. 8, Op. 30, No. 3
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대학원 음악학부
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Op.30-3은 3 악장으로 구성되어 1악장 Sonata형식, 2악장 3부형식으로 Minuet적이지만 가요형식도 가지고 있어서 이 악장은 두가지 성격을 겸하였고 3악장 Rondo형식으로 되었으며, 대위법적인 구성이 자주 쓰였고 바이올린과 피아노가 대등하게 취급되었다. 본 논문은 석사과정 이수를 위한 졸업연주 곡목들 중 Beethoven 의 초기작품인 Op.30-3 을 연구 분석함으로써 작곡자와 작품배경 및 작품분석을 통해 그의 음악을 좀 더 넓게 이해하는데 그목적이 있다.;The styles expressed in the music of Ludwig van Beethoven(1770~1827) shows his own uniqueness. With F. J. Haydn(1732~1809) and W. A. Mozart(1756~1791), Ludwig van Beethoven is thought as one of the maestros in Viennese Classics. With the background of Classicism, he created his own styles by changing traditional classic styles. However, he was not inclined toward only one of Classicism or Romanticism, but created his own style – the great style which cannot be compared to any other musicians during the ages of Classicism and Romanticism. Ludwig van Beethoven always pursued new music style in his music. Particularly, 10 sonatas composed in his life have an important meaning in the history of music history because they finished the style of Classicism on the base of Haydn and Mozart sonata styles. Among his sonatas, Op. 30 No. 3b is consisted of 3 movements: the 1st movement in the sonata style, 2nd movement as 3 parts with Minuet and ballad style, and 3rd movement in Rondo style. Also contrapuntal compositions are used frequently in the sonata, managing the violin and piano equally. This thesis is in the purpose of the understanding of Ludwig van Beethoven and his music by analyzing his early work Op. 30 No. 3 (in the list of music for the graduation of graduate studies), consequently understanding the composer and his works.
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