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dc.description.abstractWe use tachyon field theory effective action to study the dynamics of a electrified non-BPS D-brane propagating in the vicinity of k NS5-branes. We consider the situation that NS5-branes are stacked at the origin and a non-BPS D-brane with a constant electric field turned on is stretched in the direction parallel to NS5-branes. For weak coupling which is of our interest, NS5-branes can be considered as a fixed static background. We write down the relevant Dirac-Born-Infeld type effective action and solve the equation of motion. We also discuss the effect of nonzero electric field on motion of the non-BPS D-brane.;k개의 NS5-brane 근처에서 전기장이 있는 Non-BPS D-brane의 운동을 연구하기 위해 타키온 유효장 이론을 사용한다. NS5-brane들은 원점에 고정되어 있고, NS5-brane과 평행한 방향으로 뻗어 있는 Non-BPS D-brane에 일정한 전기장이 있는 상황을 고려해본다. 여기서는 결합 상수가 약할 경우를 고려하는데 이 경우에는 NS5-brane을 고정된 물체로 생각할 수 있다. Dirac-Born-Infeld타입의 유효이론을 쓰고 운동방정식을 풀어본다. 또한 전기장이 Non-BPS D-brane에 미치는 영향을 논해 본다.-
dc.description.tableofcontentsI. Introduction = 1 II. Brief Review of String Theory, D-branes and NS5-branes = 4 2.1 A Brief History of String Theory = 4 2.2 D-branes = 8 2.3 NS5-branes = 11 III. The effective action for non-BPS D-brane in the NS5-brane background = 13 IV. Motion of Electrified Non-BPS D-branes near NS5-Branes = 18 V. Conclusion = 33 Reference = 34-
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dc.titleNon-BPS D-brane Near NS5-branes with Electric field-
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