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無踊手의 人生特性 比較 硏究

無踊手의 人生特性 比較 硏究
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(A) Comparative study on personality traits of the dancers by major
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교육대학원 체육교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
本 硏究는 舞踊을 專攻하는 學生들의 全體的인 人性特性과 專攻別 人性特性을 把握하여 보다 效率的인 舞踊指導에 必要한 基礎資料를 얻으려는데 그 目的을 두고 있다. 硏究對象은 1981年度 各 大學 舞踊科 學生으로서 3年以上의 舞踊 經歷을 가진 現代舞踊 80名, 발레 80名, 한국舞踊 102名, 一般大學生 262名을 標集對象으로 하였으며 정범모 제작의 人性 檢査紙를 檢査道具로 사용하여 專攻別 人性特性, 經歷別 3集團의 人性特性 및 舞踊專攻學生과 一般學生의 人性特性으로 나누어 원점수의 平均値 (M)와 標集偏差 (S) 및 P(백분위 점수)를 찾은 후 이를 F검증, CR검증으로 유의한 차이를 比較한 結果 다음과 같은 結論을 얻었다. 첫째, 舞踊專攻者와 一般學生과의 人性特性 比較에서 客觀性, 衝動性, 男向性, 安定性, 思慮性 및 活動性에서 유의한 差가 있다. 둘째, 全體 舞踊手의 人性特性에서 社會性과 支配性이 强하게 나타났고 男向性이 비교적 낮게 나타났다. 셋째, 專攻別 舞踊手의 人性特性에서 한국舞踊專攻者와 발레專攻者 간에 客觀性에서 유의한 差가 있다. 넷째, 경력별 舞踊手의 人性特性에서 한국舞踊專攻者에 있어서만 A集團, B集團, C集團간에 衝動性과 安定性에서 유의한 差가 있다. 다섯째, 全體 舞踊手의 경력별 人性特性에서는 유의한 差를 보이고 있지않다.;The purpose of this study was to analyze the personality traits in dance major and to define the effective instruction of dance. In determining the guidelines the subject were selected by 524 students; who were majoring in modern dance and ballet, 102 students majoring Korean dance, who had practiced over three years, and 262 general students. After applying the test method formulated by Chung, Bum Mo, the collected data were analyzed by majoring areas, years of careers practiced, and general students. The mean(M) of the primary grade, and the standard deviation and percentile were calculated. And comparison were also made to determine the difference of the group means by F test and CR test. The conclusion from the analysis of the data were as follows: 1. There is a significant difference of objectivity, impulsiveness, musculinity, emotional stability, reflectiveness and general activity in the personality traits between general student and dance major. 2. Sociability and dominance strongly showed, while lower in masculine personality traits of all dancers. 3. The students majoring in Korean dance and ballet have a conspicuous difference of objectivity in the personality traits between the classified majors. 4. The personality traits of the dancers classified in career that reveal the students majoring in Korean dance, A, B and C group show a noticeable difference of impulsiveness and emotional stability. 5. Personality traits of all dancers in career have no significant difference.
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