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유아의 조망 수용능력과 나눠주기 행동간의 관계

유아의 조망 수용능력과 나눠주기 행동간의 관계
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교육대학원 교육학전공유아교육분야
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
The purpose of this study is to see the inter-relationship between perspective-taking ability and sharing behavior, and grasp the differences according to ages, also the extent of making predictions to the sharing behavior of perspective-taking ability. The concrete study-problems according to those are like these : 1. Is there any differences owing to ages in the perspective-taking ability among children? 2. Is there any difference owing to ages in the sharing behavior among children ? 3. What kinds of relationships are there between the perspective-taking ability and the sharing behavior? 4. What does the extent is that the perspective taking ability predicts the sharing behavior ? 5. In what relationship are the three subordinating elements of the perspective-taking ability? A total of ninety early children, that is 4, 6 and 8 years old boys and girls and the every 6 occasions has 15 numbers, in a S-kindergarten in Anyang-City, Kyung-Gi-Do and in a J-elementary school in the same city participated in this research. Kurdek and Rodgon's perceptual and cognitive perspective taking tests were conducted, and also Feshbach and Roels AST was used as the means of affective perspective taking test, and besides with the task of sharing chocolate with friends' the level of sharing behavior was measured. As the method of data-processing, one-way ANOVA and Scheffe verification were conducted to reveal the differences of each changing elements according to the ages of the question 1 & 2,and in order to get the relationship of the question 3 & 5 Pearson's Correlation Coefficient was calculated. Also to grasp the predictive extent of the question number 4, Multiple Regression Analysis was practiced. The results, to the research problems are as follows : 1. There were some meaningful statical relations between the perspective taking ability of childhood add the age (P <.001) 2. There were meaningful statical relations between the sharing behavior and the age (p< .001). 3. In the children of six and eight years old, meaningful statical relations were represented between the perspective taking ability and the sharing behavior (P< .05, P< .01), but in the children of four years old the relationship was meaningless 4. The extent of predictivity of the perspective taking ability which predicts sharing behavior was increased In predictive amounts as the age become higher. 5. The inter-relationships of the three subordinating elements of children's perspective taking ability were represented variously according to the age, that is, in the age of four the relations between perceptual and cognitive perspective were meaningful, and in the age of six perceptual-cognitive and cognitive-affective perspective were meaningful, and the relationship between perceptual and affective perspective taking were meaningful in the age of eight.;본 연구는 유아를 대상으로 조망수용능력과 나눠주기 행동간의 관계를 밝히고, 연령에 따른 차이와 나눠주기 행동에 대한 조망수용능력의 예언정도를 파악하는 데 그 목적을 두었다. 이에 따른 구체적인 연구문제는 다음과 같다. 1. 유아의 조망수용능력은 연령에 따라 어떤 차이가 있는가? 2. 유아의 나눠주기 행동수준은 연령에 따라 어떤 차이가 있는가? 3. 유아의 조망수용능력과 나눠주기 행동간에는 어떠한 관계가 있을 것인가? 4. 유아의 조망수용능력이 나눠주기 행동을 예언하는 정도는 어떠한가? 5. 조망수용능력의 3가지 하위요인은 상호간에 어떠한 관계에 있는가 ? 본 연구의 대상은 경기도 안양시내 S유치원과 같은 지역내의 J국민학교에 다니는 4, 6, 8세 남녀 유아 15명씩 총 90명이다. 측정방법으로 Kurdek과 Rodgon의 지각 및 인지조망검사도구와, Fesh-bach & Roe의 AST를 감정조망검사도구로 사용하였으며, '친구와 캐러멜 나눠먹기' 과제로 나눠주기 행동 수준을 측정하였다. 자료처리방법은 문제1,2의 각 변인의 연령별 차이검증을 위해 일원변량분석 및 SCHEFFE검증을 하였고, 문제 3,5의 상관을 구하기 위해 Pearson의 적률상관계수 r을 산출하였다. 또한 문제4의 예언정도를 밝히기 위해서는 중다회귀분석을 하였다. 연구문제에 따른 결과는 다음과 같다. 1. 유아의 조망수용능력은 연령이 높아짐에 따라 증가하였다.(P<0.001) 2. 유아의 나눠주기 행동은 연령이 높아짐에 따라 증가하였다.(P<0.001) 3. 조망수용능력과 나눠주기 행동간의 관계는 6,8세에서만 정적인 상관을 보였고(P<.05, P<.01), 4세에서는 의의가 없었다. 4. 나눠주기 행동을 예언하는 조망수용능력의 예언정도는 연령이 높아짐에 따라 예언량이 증가하였다. 5. 유아의 조망수용능력의 3하위요인간의 상호상관은 연령별로 다르게 나타났다. 즉, 4세, 6세에서는 지각-인지가, 8세에서는 지각-감정이 의의가 있었는데, 대체적으로 지각조망수용능력의 관련비중이 높은 편이었다.
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