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기독교적 미디어교육

기독교적 미디어교육
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(a) study on christian media education
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교육대학원 종교교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
One of the environmental characteristics of modem society-a dominant aspect of a phenomenon of maldistribution of mass media-forms a huge control of the influence of media, and no one can easily escape from that influence. The most important problem is that not only the aspect of the normal function of such influential media stands out in bold relief but also the aspect of the reverse function of them does. There are two methods to intercept the evil practices of the influence of media; one is to try not to contact media at all or try to partly cut the contact of media ; and the other is to train the media user's distinguishability of media. However, rather than cutting the contact of media, training the adaptability and autogeneous ability of media users in this rapidly changing environment through postive, detailed media education would be more sound. It is now considered that even in Christian education, taking a passive situation facing such an environment of media seems no more good. Therefore, Christian media education is urgently required. Media education does not mean education through media but means teaching media themselves ; more precisely speaking, in order to make media users who can subjectively possess media, it means to enlighten the sound, righteous, critical attitude of the whole man through a stage of a course of study so that the users can read, write and speak with mass media. The purpose of this study is to approach media education in a dimension of interpretation, one of the recent trends of Christian education. Through this study, it was intended to raise the resisting power of Christians against the negative influence of media, thereby helping them to guide to their sound view of religion. Christian media education can be realized in places of Christian education such as home, school, church, and various fields of society. However, in order that such a kind of education can be more organic, continuous education, some systematic researches should support it. In the first place, a model of media education meeting the actual circumstances of our country should be established in a view of Christian education. And according to that model, proper educational strategies should be planned; a course of study corresponding to such strategies should be created; base on that, teaching materials or books should be produced. Additionally, it is necessary to train and educate the teachers who will teach students directly with such materials, so to speak, not only teachers of Christian schools and teachers of Sunday School but also pastors and parents. In order to execute such media education, it is necessary for not only teachers who teach Christian education or theology or mass communication but also members of the broadcasting committee, broadcasting development and research center, and other social groups which are concerned about media education to do joint operations.
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