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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017Association between serum persistent organic pollutants and DNA methylation in Korean adults임정은Article
2018Contracting-out public-private partnerships in mega-scale developments: The case of New Songdo City in Korea김윤정Article
2017Highly Efficient One-Pot Solvent-Free Synthesis of 2,5-Disubstituted-1,3,4-Oxadiazole via BTI-mediated Oxidation of N-Acylhydrazone from Hydrazide and Aldehyde박영준Article
2016Who Multitasks on Smartphones? Smartphone Multitaskers' Motivations and Personality Traits임소혜Article
2010Approach to CRI (Colour Rendering Index) for full colour RGB LED source lighting박영경Conference Paper
2006Security requirements for ubiquitous software development site김태훈Conference Paper
2016The design methodology on government identity through visual thinking: Gestalt theory김수정Article
2015Evaluation for the usage of HUD contents depending on gender while driving박영경Conference Paper
2014The impact of digital convergence on the regulation of new media in Korea: Major issues in new media policy유의선Book Chapter
2002Topic extraction from text documents using multiple-cause networks김유섭Conference Paper
2002Target word selection using WordNet and data-driven models in machine translation김유섭Conference Paper
2013Battlefields and the field of music: South Korean military band musicians and the Korean War김희진Book Chapter
2011Social work education and licensure in Korea김성이Chapter
2010Approach to CRI (Colour Rendering Index) for full colour RGB LED source lighting박영경Conference Paper
2005Time to change, time for change: How was time used to change a global company?이지환Conference Paper
2000Presidential address: Mission in a new millennium전재옥Conference Paper
2007Integrity of mission in the light of the gospel: Bearing the witness of the spirit an asian perspective전재옥Conference Paper
2005Within-grade changes in Korean girls' motivation and perceptions of the learning environment across domains and achievement levels봉미미Review
2005Students' reflections on implementation of group investigation in Korean secondary science classrooms오필석Review
2015Refined CIECAM02 for bright surround conditions박영경Article