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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018An Eastward Shift of the North Pacific Oscillation After the Mid-1990s and Its Relationship With ENSO성미경Article
2018A Robust Self-navigation for Respiratory Gating in 3D Radial Ultrashort Echo-time Lung MRI using Concurrent Dephasing and Excitation신태훈Article
2018Systematic analysis of copy number variation associated with congenital diaphragmatic herniaCharles LeeArticle
2000A study of Fractal Dimension and Lyapunov exponent index in various age groups최경규Article
2017학령기 아스퍼거 장애 아동을 둔 어머니의 양육경험윤지연Master's Thesis
2017ChimerDB 3.0이명교Master's Thesis
2018한국 거주 중국유학생의 건강증진행위 실태 및 영향요인 분석SUN, YINGNINGMaster's Thesis
2018장애등급 분포를 활용한 흡연에 의한 뇌졸중 질병부담 비용 측정서유신Master's Thesis
2018개항이후 1940년대까지의 국내 합성염료에 관한 연구박성희Master's Thesis
2018소비자성향이 제품희소상황에서 구매행동에 미치는 영향이다경Master's Thesis
2018소셜 네트워크 분석을 이용한 온라인 매체 및 콘텐츠 유형에 따른 정보 확산과 수용에 관한 연구김인영Master's Thesis
2018저지를 사용한 생활한복 디자인김성민Master's Thesis
2018건강위험행태 유형과 건강 관련 삶의 질에 관한 연구김혜윤Master's Thesis
2018Fluorescent Probes for Imaging Biological Zinc Ions김진주Master's Thesis
2017Highly Efficient One-Pot Solvent-Free Synthesis of 2,5-Disubstituted-1,3,4-Oxadiazole via BTI-mediated Oxidation of N-Acylhydrazone from Hydrazide and Aldehyde박영준Article
2016Synthesis, structure and luminescence properties of new chalcogenide octahedral rhenium cluster complexes with 4-aminopyridine [{Re(6)Q(8)}(4-NH2-py)(6)](2+)Mironov Yuri VladimorovichArticle
2017GEMICCL정인혜Master's Thesis