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2018Metabolites profiling and hypolipidemic/hypocholesterolemic effects of persimmon (Diosyros kaki Thumb.) by different processing procedures: In vitro and in vivo studies권오란; 임예니Article
2018Soybean-hop alleviates estrogen deficiency-related bone loss and metabolic dysfunction in ovariectomized rats fed a high-fat diet권오란; 임예니Article
2019Identifying factors that influence individuals' intentions to quit body tanning: A sociocultural perspective이세희Article
2015Mulberry Leaf Extract Improves Postprandial Glucose Response in Prediabetic Subjects: A Randomized, Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial권오란; 김주희Article
2014Supplementation of Korean black raspberry improves endogenous antioxidant capacity in overweight adults권오란; 김주희Meeting Abstract
2014Modulatory effects of persimmon vinegar and its fractions on hepatic immune response and CYP2E1 activation in chronically alcohol drinking rats권오란; 김주희Meeting Abstract
2011Postprandial hypoglycemic effect of mulberry leaf water extract in healthy human subject권오란; 김주희; 김지연Meeting Abstract
2010Effects of corn gluten hydrolyzates, branched chain amino acids, and leucine on body weight reduction in obese rats induced by a high fat diet권오란; 김주희; 김지연Article
2005Evaluation of multilateral weight control program for female college students이경옥; 김화영Meeting Abstract
2018Platycodi radix beverage ameliorates postprandial lipemia response through lipid clearance of triglyceride-rich lipoprotein: A randomized controlled study in healthy subjects with a high-fat load권오란; 임예니Article