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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017Evaluation of the convolution sums σa1m1+a2m2+a3m3+a4m4=nσ (m1) σ (m2) σ (m3) σ (m4) with lcm (α1,a2,a3,a4) ≤ 4박윤경Article
2017Phase-field simulations of crystal growth in a two-dimensional cavity flow신재민Article
2017Higher Hickerson formula이정연Article
2016Evaluation of the convolution sums ∑ak + bl + cm = nσ(k)σ(l)σ(m) with lcm(a,b,c)≤6박윤경Article
2016Dynamic coloring of graphs having no K5 minor김연진Article in Press
2013New metrics arising from matroids of linear codes현종윤Article
2012Simple proofs for duality of generalized minimum poset weights and weight distributions of (Near-) MDS poset codes현종윤Article
2011Batch verification and finding invalid signatures in a group signature scheme임선간Article
2015The role of the microenvironment in regulation of CSPG-driven invasive and non-invasive tumor growth in glioblastoma: Brain tumor growth이현근Article
2015Infrared finger biometric using scale invariant feature transform correspondences윤강준Article
2015Posets admitting the linearity of isometries현종윤Article
2015Numerical investigation of falling bacterial plumes caused by bioconvection in a three-dimensional chamber이현근Article
2015Explicit formula for coefficients of todd series of lattice cones이정연Article
2015An efficient numerical method for simulating multiphase flows using a diffuse interface model이현근Article
2014Harmonic Distributions for Equitable Partitions of a Hypercube현종윤Article in Press
2014Common fixed point theorem on fuzzy groups김현진Article
2014User-drawn sketch-based 3D object retrievalusing sparse coding윤강준Article in Press
2012Biminimal curves IN 2-dimensional space forms이지은Article
2012Automorphism group of the ternary self-dual code of length 8김현진Article
2012Almost contact curves in normal almost contact 3-manifolds이지은Article in Press