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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017The Effects of Organism- Versus Object-Based Robot Design Approaches on the Consumer Acceptance of Domestic Robots곽소나Article
2016Can you feel me?: How embodiment levels of telepresence systems affect presence곽소나Conference Paper
2017Who is this?: Identity and presence in robot-mediated communication곽소나Article
2016Pepper or roomba? Effective robot design type based on cultural analysis between Korean and Japanese users곽소나Article
2016The effect of intelligent product types on users' perception according to usage contexts곽소나Article
2015The Effect of Robot Appearance Types and Task Types on Service Evaluation of a Robot곽소나Conference Paper
2015Effect of Robot Appearance Types and Task Types on Service Evaluation of a Robot곽소나Conference Paper
2015The Impact of User Control Design Types on People's Perception of a Robot곽소나Conference Paper
2015Effectiveness and service quality of robot museum through visitors experience: A case study of RoboLife Museum in South Korea곽소나Conference Paper
2015How people perceive human-and product-like robots: Cross-cultural analysis between Japan and Korea곽소나Conference Paper
2015Application of intelligent product design on STEAM education곽소나Conference Paper
2015The impact of telepresence robot types on the perceived presence of a remote sender곽소나Article
2015The autonomy levels and the human intervention levels of robots: The impact of robot types in human-robot interaction곽소나Conference Paper
2014Will you follow the robot's advice? the impact of robot types and task types on people's perception of a robot곽소나Conference Paper
2014Can you touch me? the impact of physical contact on emotional engagement with a robot곽소나Conference Paper
2014The effect of robot appearance types on motivating donation곽소나Conference Paper
2014Can robots be sold? The effects of robot designs on the consumers' acceptance of robots곽소나Conference Paper
2014Are you embarrassed?: The impact of robot types on emotional engagement with a robot곽소나Conference Paper
2013What makes people empathize with an emotional robot?: The impact of agency and physical embodiment on human empathy for a robot곽소나Conference Paper
2013The impacts of intergroup relations and body zones on people's acceptance of a robot곽소나Conference Paper