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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2009Pd Nanoparticles encapsulated on dendrimer-modified carbon nanotubes and their properties as hydrogen sensor김성진Meeting Abstract
2009Electrochemical study of G quartet structures김진흥Meeting Abstract
2006MEDI 414-Novel cyclic lactam alpha-MSH analogs as potent and selective hMC3R agonists and antagonists, and hMC1R antagonists한소엽Meeting Abstract
2006INOR 947-Modulation of oxoiron(IV) properties through trans substitutions남원우Meeting Abstract
2006INOR 502-High-valent iron-oxo complexes of nonheme and heme ligands in oxidation reactions남원우Meeting Abstract
2007ORGN 198-Pyrophosphate selective chemosensors윤주영Meeting Abstract
2007ORGN 174-Utilization of spirolactam ring opening or spirolactone ring opening processes for the detection of metal ions via fluorescent changes윤주영; K.M.K.SwamyMeeting Abstract
2007ORGN 195-New rhodamine B boronic acid derivatives and fluorescein boronic acid derivative for chemosensors for catecholamines and Cu2+ion윤주영; K.M.K.SwamyMeeting Abstract
2003Highly active zinc catalyst for the controlled polymerization of lactide.남원우Meeting Abstract
2003New Zintl phases with narrow band gap semiconductors with unique frameworks.김성진Meeting Abstract
2003Eu(10)Mn(6)Sb(13): A new ternary rare-earth transition-metal김성진Article
2003Reactive intermediates in epoxidation and cis-dihydroxylation by non-heme iron catalysts with H2O2남원우Meeting Abstract
2003Model studies of cytochrome P450: Reactive intermediates, O-O activation, and catalytic oxygenation남원우Meeting Abstract
2002The effect of medium on the alpha-effect: Nucleophilic substitution reaction of p-nitrophenyl diphenyl phosphinate with butane-2,3-dione monoximate and substituted phenoxides in cationic micelles엄익환; 임진경Article
2002Probing the caspase-3 active site by fluorescence lifetime measurements이민영Article
2002Dimethyl 2,2 '-(4,5-dicyano-o-phenylenedithio)-diacetate김영미Article
2002Adenosine and purine nucleosides protect rat primary astrocytes from peroxynitrite-potentiated, glucose deprivation-induced death: Preservation of intracellular ATP level김원기Article
2002Lessons from nature: stimuli-responsive polymers and their biomedical applications정병문Review
2002Tetraethylammonium dichloro[4,5-dichloro-1,2-bis(2-pyridine-2-carboxamido)benzene]ferrate(III), [Et4N][(bpc)FeCl2]남원우; 김영미Article
2002Triethylammonium dichloro[1,2-bis(2-pyridinecarboxamido)-4,5-dimethylbenzene]ferrate(III)남원우; 김영미Article