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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2005Synthesis of arylidene-substituted gelastatin analogues and their screening for MMP-2 inhibitory activity고수영Article
2005Calbindin D-28k is expressed in the microvascular basal lamina in the ventral horn at early time after transient spinal cord ischemia in the rabbit김원기Article
2005New thermogelling poly(organophosphazenes) with methoxypoly(ethylene glycol) and oligopeptide as side groups손연수; 정병문Article
2005Ascorbate attenuates trimethyltin-induced oxidative burden and neuronal degeneration in the rat hippocampus by maintaining glutathione homeostasis김원기Article
2005Ciclopirox protects mitochondria from hydrogen peroxide toxicity김원기; 김희선; 최병옥Article
2005An inorganic nanohybrid with high specific surface area: TiO 2-pillared MoS2최진호Article
2005Thermogelling poly(caprolactone-6-ethylene glycol-b-caprolactone) aqueous solutions손연수; 정병문Article
2005Sr2MnSb2: A new ternary transition metal zintl phase김성진Article
2005Mechanistic insight into alcohol oxidation by high-valent iron-oxo complexes of heme and nonheme ligands남원우; 김진흥; 서미숙Article
2005Efficient inclusion complexation and intra-complex excitation energy transfer between aromatic group-modified β-cyclodextrins and a hemicyanine dye박준우Article
2005Synthesis, characterization, and tumor selectivity of a polyphosphazene-platinum(II) conjugate손연수Article
2005A macromolecular prodrug of doxorubicin conjugated to a biodegradable cyclotriphosphazene bearing a tetrapeptide손연수Article
2005Electrophoretic route to Bi2Sr2CaCu2O 8+y, films and microfibers from superconducting colloids최진호Article
2005A highly selective fluorescent chemosensor for Pb2+남원우; 윤주영; 김관묵; 서미숙Article
2005Chemically nanopatterned surfaces using polyelectrolytes and ultraviolet-cured hard molds김연상Article
2005Novel infinite hexanuclear zinc coordination polymer with a flexible bipyridyl ligand and its catalytic activity김성진; 김영미Article
2005Enantioselective recognition of 1,2-amino alcohols by reversible formation of imines with resonance-assisted hydrogen bonds남원우; 김관묵Article
2005The two-dimensional structure of poly[[diperchloratocopper(II)]- bis[μ2-1,3-bis(4-pyridyl)propane]]김영미Article
2005Catena-Poly[[dibromozinc(II)]-μ-1,2-bis(4-pyridyl)ethane], a one-dimensional coordination polymer김성진; 김영미Article
2005Syntheses and structures of Ag(I) compounds containing btp ligands김성진; 김영미Article