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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2005Thermogelling multiblock poloxamer aqueous solutions with closed-loop sol-gel-sol transitions upon increasing pH정병문Article
2005Coordination compound molecular sieve membranes김성진; 김영미Article
2005Azido-bridged Cu(II) compounds with asymmetric end-to-end and end-on binding modes: Magnetic assignments using a spin dimer model김관묵Article
2005Effect of substituent on regioselectivity and reaction mechanism in aminolysis of 2,4-dinitrophenyl X-substituted benzenesulfonates엄익환Article
2005Electron paramagnetic resonance study of partially oriented clay platelets intercalated with copper(II) 1,4,8,11-tetraazacyclotetradecane최진호Article
2005Formation, stability, and reactivity of a mononuclear nonheme oxoiron(IV) complex in aqueous solution남원우; 김관묵; 서미숙Article
2005Caprolactonic poloxamer analog: PEG-PCL-PEG정병문Article
2005The effects of a bioabsorbable barrier membrane containing safflower seed extracts on periodontal healing of 1-wall intrabony defects in beagle dogs전길자Article
2005Accelerated cerebral ischemic injury by activated macrophages/microglia after lipopolysaccharide microinjection into rat corpus callosum남원우; 김원기Article
2005Slow eroding biodegradable multiblock poloxamer copolymers이민영; 정병문Article
2005The dextromethorphan analog dimemorfan attenuates kainate-induced seizures via σ 1 receptor activation: Comparison with the effects of dextromethorphan김원기Article
2005Tuning the intermolecular dative interactions by altering the ligand planarity and counter cations in vanadyl(IV) complexes남원우; 김관묵; 서미숙Article
2005HSP25 inhibits protein kinase Cδ-mediated cell death through direct interaction전길자Article
2005Oxoiron(IV) porphyrin π-cation radical complexes with a chameleon behavior in cytochrome P450 model reactions남원우Article
2005Trivalent atom contribution on solid-solid transformation of Ga 13 polycation intercalated clay into sodalite investigated by X-ray absorption spectroscopy최진호Article
2005Evolution of the crystal and electronic structures of magnetic RuSr 2-xlaxGdCu2O8 superconductors upon la substitution황성주Article
2005HSP25 inhibits radiation-induced apoptosis through reduction of PKCδ-mediated ROS production전길자Article
2005Rapid NMR-based functional screening and IC50 measurements performed at unprecedentedly low enzyme concentration고수영Article
2005Plasmid vectors harboring cellular promoters can induce prolonged gene expression in hematopoietic and mesenchymal progenitor cells김원기Article
2005Enhanced production of manganese peroxidase from immobilized Phanerochaete chrysosporium due to the increased autolysis of chlamydospore-like cells윤여준Article