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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018Quantum Cohomologies on Products of Cosymplectic Manifolds and Circles조용승Article
2001The crossed product theorem for projective schur algebras이혜숙Article
2001Weyl's theorem for f(T) when T is a dominant operator고응일Article
2001On Hypo-Jordan operators고응일Article
2003Educational use of E-mentoring to Encourage Women into Science and Engineering이혜숙; 노선숙Article
2007Every operator almost commutes with a compact operator고응일Article
2007A note on the spectral mapping theorem고응일Article
1995Equivariant metric for smooth moduli spaces조용승Article
1997Seiberg-Witten invariants on non-symplectic 4-manifolds조용승Article
1997k-Quasihyponormal operators are subscalar고응일Article
1995The convergence of quasi-Gauss-Newton methods for nonlinear problems김선영Article
1997A fast adaptive numerical method for stiff two-point boundary value problems이준엽Article
1997The stable and unstable types of classifying spaces이향숙Article
1997The unilateral backward shift is w-quasisubscalar고응일Article
2003Tate pairing implementation for hyperelliptic curves y2 = xp - x + d이향숙Article
1996Trace class backward weighted shifts are quasisubscalar고응일Article
1985Brauer groups and Galois cohomology for a Krull scheme이혜숙Article
2006Operators with the single valued extension property고응일; 이지은Article
2006A new class of non-stationary interpolatory subdivision schemes based on exponential polynomials윤정호; 김영준Conference Paper