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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018Key Substitution Attacks on Lattice Signature Schemes Based on SIS Problem이향숙; 이주희Article
2019Hyperinvariant subspaces for a class of quasinilpotent operators고응일; Carl M. PearcyArticle
2019Finite dimensional quantum Teichmuller space from the quantum torus at root of unity김현규Article
2018Equivalences and differences in conic relaxations of combinatorial quadratic optimization problems김선영Article
2018Monoidal categories associated with strata of flag manifolds오세진Article
2018A mass formula for cyclic codes over Galois rings of characteristic p3이윤진Article
2018Extremal quasi-cyclic self-dual codes over finite fields이윤진Article
2018A continued fraction of order twelve as a modular function이윤진; 박윤경Article
2018On m-isometric toeplitz operators고응일Article
2018Remarks on nearly equivalent operators고응일Article
2018Quantum Cohomologies on Products of Cosymplectic Manifolds and Circles조용승Article
2018The minimum weights of two-point AG codes on norm-trace curves이윤진Article
2018Indivisibility of divisor class numbers of Kummer extensions over the rational function field이윤진Article
2018Binary Icosahedral Group and 600-Cell이재혁Article
2017Fundamental units and regulators of an infinite family of cyclic quartic function fields이윤진; 이정연Article
2017Local spectral property of relatively regular operators고응일Article
2017Security analysis of a certificateless signature from lattices이향숙; 이주희; 장승환Article
2017An upper bound on the Cheeger constant of a distance-regular graph이윤진Article
2017Convergence analysis on the Gibou-Min method for the Hodge projection민조홍Article
2017On operators satisfying the generalized Cauchy-Schwarz inequality고응일; 김연하Article