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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017Unconditionally stable methods for gradient flow using Convex Splitting Runge–Kutta scheme이준엽Article
2017(∞,C)-isometric operators고응일Article
2017A level 16 analogue of Ramanujan series for 1/pi이윤진; 박윤경Article
2017A family of non-uniform subdivision schemes with variable parameters for curve design윤정호; 정병선Article
2017A characterization of binormal matrices고응일Article in Press
2017Structure Adaptive Total Variation Minimization-based Image Decomposition윤정호Article in Press
2017Regulators of an infinite family of the simplest quartic function fields이윤진; 이정연Article
2017Convergence Analysis in the Maximum Norm of the Numerical Gradient of the Shortley–Weller Method민조홍Article in Press
2017Polytopes, quasi-minuscule representations and rational surfaces이재혁Article
2017Convex Splitting Runge–Kutta methods for phase-field models이준엽; 신재민Article
2017First- and second-order energy stable methods for the modified phase field crystal equation이준엽; 신재민Article
2017Construction of Hermite subdivision schemes reproducing polynomials윤정호; 정병선Article
2017Construction of isodual codes over GF(q)이윤진Article
2017Lee weights of cyclic self-dual codes over Galois rings of characteristic p2이윤진Article
2017A Second-Order Operator Splitting Fourier Spectral Method for Models of Epitaxial Thin Film Growth이준엽; 이현근; 신재민Article
2017Binary quadratic optimization problems that are difficult to solve by conic relaxations김선영Article
2016First and second order numerical methods based on a new convex splitting for phase-field crystal equation이준엽Article
2016On multivariate discrete least squares윤정호Article
2016The level 13 analogue of the Rogers–Ramanujan continued fraction and its modularity이윤진; 박윤경Article