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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017A family of non-uniform subdivision schemes with variable parameters for curve design윤정호; 정병선Article
2017A level 16 analogue of Ramanujan series for 1/π이윤진; 박윤경Article
2017Quasiphantom categories on a family of surfaces isogenous to a higher product김현규Article
2017Forgeable quantum messages in arbitrated quantum signature schemes이향숙Article
2017A duality map for quantum cluster varieties from surfaces김현규Article
2017Unconditionally stable methods for gradient flow using Convex Splitting Runge–Kutta scheme이준엽Article
2017Convergence analysis on the Gibou-Min method for the Hodge projection민조홍Article
2017Exact semidefinite programming relaxations with truncated moment matrix for binary polynomial optimization problems김선영Article
2017On operators satisfying the generalized Cauchy-Schwarz inequality고응일; 김연하Article
2017Formalizing the meta-theory of first-order predicate logic김선영Article
2017Comparison of eigenvalue ratios in artificial boundary perturbation and Jacobi preconditioning for solving Poisson equation민조홍Article
2017On Analytic Roots of Hyponormal Operators고응일Article
2017(∞,C)-isometric operators고응일Article
2017Weyl type theorems for complex symmetric operator matrices고응일Article
2017Construction of isodual codes over GF(q)이윤진Article
2017First- and second-order energy stable methods for the modified phase field crystal equation이준엽; 신재민Article
2017Construction of Hermite subdivision schemes reproducing polynomials윤정호; 정병선Article
2017An Experiment of the Malkus-Lorenz Waterwheel and Its Measurement by Image Processing민조홍Article
2017Convex Splitting Runge–Kutta methods for phase-field models이준엽; 신재민Article
2017Regulators of an infinite family of the simplest quartic function fields이윤진; 이정연Article