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2011Hybrid organic-inorganic liquid bistable memory devicesJean Charles RibierreArticle
2011Thickness dependence of the ambipolar charge transport properties in organic field-effect transistors based on a quinoidal oligothiophene derivativeJean Charles RibierreArticle
2012Organic field-effect transistors based on J-aggregate thin films of a bisazomethine dyeJean Charles RibierreArticle
2011Flexible organic field-effect transistors and complementary inverters based on a solution-processable quinoidal oligothiophene derivativeJean Charles RibierreArticle
2011Influence of gate dielectric on the ambipolar characteristics of solution-processed organic field-effect transistorsJean Charles RibierreArticle
2016Structure-charge transfer property relationship in self-assembled discotic liquid-crystalline donor-acceptor dyad and triad thin films우정원; Jean Charles RibierreArticle
2014Non-volatile organic memory with sub-millimetre bending radiusJean Charles RibierreArticle
2016Borondifluoride complexes of hemicurcuminoids as bio-inspired push-pull dyes for bioimaging우정원; Jean Charles RibierreArticle
2016Electronic energy and electron transfer processes in photoexcited donor-acceptor dyad and triad molecular systems based on triphenylene and perylene diimide units우정원; Jean Charles RibierreArticle
2015Tuning the Direction of Intramolecular Charge Transfer and the Nature of the Fluorescent State in a T-Shaped Molecular Dyad우정원; Jean Charles RibierreArticle