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2009Exponential gravityEric V. LinderArticle
2009Dark energy properties in DBI theory안창림; 김찬주; Eric V. LinderArticle
2010Cosmological constant behavior in DBI theory안창림; 김찬주; Eric V. LinderArticle
2010Generating and analyzing constrained dark energy equations of state and systematics functionsEric V. LinderArticle
2010Old dark energyEric V. LinderArticle
2010Testing standard cosmology with large-scale structureEric V. LinderArticle
2010Testing general relativity with current cosmological dataEric V. LinderArticle
2010Measuring the speed of dark: Detecting dark energy perturbationsEric V. LinderArticle
2010Einstein's other gravity and the acceleration of the UniverseEric V. LinderArticle
2012CMB polarization impact on cosmological constraintsEric V. LinderArticle