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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2011Frontiers of dark energyEric V. LinderBook Chapter
2014Dark energy scaling from dark matter to accelerationEric V. LinderArticle
2010Generating and analyzing constrained dark energy equations of state and systematics functionsEric V. LinderArticle
2010Old dark energyEric V. LinderArticle
2009Exponential gravityEric V. LinderArticle
2010Cosmological constant behavior in DBI theory안창림; 김찬주; Eric V. LinderArticle
2009Dark energy properties in DBI theory안창림; 김찬주; Eric V. LinderArticle
2010Uniqueness of current cosmic accelerationEric V. LinderArticle
2010Testing general relativity with current cosmological dataEric V. LinderArticle
2010Measuring the speed of dark: Detecting dark energy perturbationsEric V. LinderArticle