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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2001Drug-resistant tuberculosis in a tertiary referral teaching hospital of Korea.장중현; 이진화Article
2001Left main coronary artery aneurysm with chronic total occlusion of both left coronary arteries in a young athlete.박시훈Article
2000Glucose/oxygen deprivation induces release of [3H]5-hydroxytryptamine associated with synapsin 1 expression in rat hippocampal slices이경은; 박은미Article
2002Phase II study of docetaxel and cisplatin combination chemotherapy in metastatic or unresectable localized non-small-cell lung cancer이순남; 남은미Article
2001Reverse transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR) and quantitative-competitive PCR (QC-PCR)정혜원Article
2001Use of bonded power arms for interdental space closure.전윤식Article
2002Clinical impact of bronchial reactivity and its relationship with changes of pulmonary function after asthmatic attack induced by methacholine류연주Article
2002Inhaled nitric oxide attenuates acute lung injury via inhibition of nuclear factor-κB and inflammation이지희Article
2002Role of the microvascular endothelium in progressive renal disease강덕희Review
2002Soluble IL-2R, IFN-γ and neopterin as immunologic markers in patients with tuberculosis서주영; 류연주Article
2002Measuring intracellular mycobacterial killing using a human whole blood assay홍영선Article
2002A case of Churg-Strauss syndrome affecting lung and neuromuscular system구혜수; 성순희; 장중현; 김유경; 이진화Article
2002Functional maturation of myeloid cells during in vitro differentiation from human cord blood CD34+ cells서주영; 정화순; 유경하; 우소연Article
2002Erratum: Catheter-based adenovirus-mediated local intravascular gene delivery of a soluble TGF-β type II receptor using an infiltrator in porcine coronary arteries: Efficacy and complications (Experimental and Molecular Medicine (2002) 34 (299-307))정익모Erratum
2003A case of xanthoma disseminatum명기범; 최혜영Article
2002Papillary muscle rupture after acute myocardial infarction--the importance of transgastric view of TEE.박성훈Article
2003Evaluations of inhibitory effect on the motor cortex by cutaneous pain via application of capsaicin윤태식Article
2003Circulating cytokine levels and changes during the treatment in patients with active tuberculosis in Korea서주영; 류연주Article
2003Ectopic hamartomatous thymoma: a case report showing CD99+ lymphocytes and a low proliferation index.한운섭; 구혜수; 조민선Article
2003Pulmonary Tuberculosis Mimicking Pneumonia on CT: Retrospective Analysis of Clinical and CT Features장중현; 김유경; 이진화; 심성신Article