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2016Background Colonic F-18-Fluoro-2-Deoxy-D-Glucose Uptake on Positron Emission Tomography Is Associated with the Presence of Colorectal Adenoma정성애; 정혜경; 심기남; 김성은; 김범산; 문창모; 윤혜전Article
2016Superior outcomes of kidney transplantation compared with dialysis An optimal matched analysis of a national population-based cohort study between 2005 and 2008 in Korea류동열Article
2016Paleopathological patterns of degenerative arthropathy: Prevalence of limb-joint osteoarthritis in joseon people skeletons김이석Article
2008Presenilin 1/γ-secretase is associated with cadmium-induced e-cadherin cleavage and COX-2 gene expression in T47D breast cancer cells조인호Article
2008Role of microglial IKKβ in kainic acid-induced hippocampal neuronal cell death이경은Article
2008Haptic interface of the KAIST-Ewha colonoscopy simulator II이선영Article
2008An open-label, multicenter, flexible dose study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of viagra ® (Sildenafil Citrate) in Korean men with erectile dysfunction and arterial hypertension who are taking antihypertensive agents이동현Article
2008A Recession of Posterior Cruciate Ligament in Posterior Cruciate-Retaining Total Knee Arthrosplasty김영후; 김준식Article
2009Locked metacarpophalangeal joint of the index finger: Consideration about the surgical approach김재광Letter
2009Colchicine attenuates inflammatory cell infiltration and extracellular matrix accumulation in diabetic nephropathy류동열Article