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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012고등학교 『중국어Ⅰ』 9종의 활동 자료 분석 및 지도방안 연구주미혜Master's Thesis
2012어린이 중국어 동요 교재 및 동영상 분석과 활용방안허진Master's Thesis
2012高中教科书《中国语Ⅰ》的任务型教学文化活动册정지혜Master's Thesis
2012Form-focused CLTOh, Eun KyungMaster's Thesis
2012Literature ReadingKim, Yun JooMaster's Thesis
2012Academic English for Law StudentsCho, Hye WonMaster's Thesis
2012The City I Want to VisitLee, Hye KyungMaster's Thesis
2012Intensive Reading Course Book For Young LearnersPark, Hye RyunMaster's Thesis
2012English for Alternative School StudentsJung, Jae WonMaster's Thesis
2012고등학교 중국어I 문화 내용 분석 및 문화 수업 활용 방안김수민Master's Thesis