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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012Task Based LearningLee, Seung EunMaster's Thesis
2012Learning English with Animated MoviesPark, Ji HyoungMaster's Thesis
2012Success in English along with the FunKim, Ji HyeaMaster's Thesis
2012Magaz-EnglishPark, Sun YoungMaster's Thesis
2012Building Cultural Bridges through Writing and DiscussionCHOI, STACEY EU JUNGMaster's Thesis
2012Travel around the worldMoon, Mi YeonMaster's Thesis
2012Developing Children's Critical and Creative Thinking AbilityNAM, YEONJUMaster's Thesis
2012Intensive Reading Activities for Young LearnersBae, YooJinMaster's Thesis
2012Communicative reading coursebook with Korean literatureJung, Eun JuMaster's Thesis
2012Designing a literature reading course with Task-based language teachingPark, Sun WooMaster's Thesis