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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012Express yourselfHan, YoonheeMaster's Thesis
2012The Strange and the BizarreLee, SuminMaster's Thesis
2012Cultural-based Instructions Writing TextbookShin, Eun JaeMaster's Thesis
2012Designing a pre-sessional EAP(English for Academic Purposes) course for exchange studentsChang, Eun HaMaster's Thesis
2012Process, Genre-based WritingLee, Seung EunMaster's Thesis
2012Play with EnglishOh, Hyun JooMaster's Thesis
2012Communicative Competence through GrammarLee, MiraMaster's Thesis
2012English for Art StudentsLee, Dong YoungMaster's Thesis
2012Teaching Children Music with EnglishSon, MinhaMaster's Thesis
2012Vocational English for Nurses in DentistrySin, JuhiMaster's Thesis