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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2019Multicultural Awareness김수이Master's Thesis
2019Did you see the news?고혜경Master's Thesis
2019Special Days of the Year김자혜Master's Thesis
2019Business English for Advertisers at Etude House김혜인Master's Thesis
2019Teaching English based on computer programming김다은Master's Thesis
2019Teaching Travel English for Young Learners김열음Master's Thesis
2019服装从业者专用服装汉语中级口语教材设计이지수Master's Thesis
2019基于任务型教学法的韩国大学生汉语阅读辅助教材开发이소라Master's Thesis
2019电影实务汉语教材设计김손비야Master's Thesis
2019知识产权汉语词汇教材开发유혜원Master's Thesis