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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2001Synthesis of novel D- and L-3 '-deoxy-3 '-C-hydroxymethyl nucleoside with exocyclic methylene as potential ribonucleotide reductase inhibitor정낙신Article; Proceedings Paper
2001Novel nucleosides with vinyl fluoride or vinyl bromide moiety as open-chain analogs of neplanocin A정낙신Article; Proceedings Paper
2001Design and synthesis of novel fluorocyclopropanoid nucleosides정낙신Article; Proceedings Paper
2001Asymmetric synthesis of the versatile intermediates for the synthesis of D- and L-carbocyclic nucleosides.정낙신Meeting Abstract
2001Effects of nonylphenol, bisphenol A, and their mixture on the viviparous swordtail fish (Xiphophorus helleri)신윤용Article
2001Estrogenicities of flavonoids assessed using stable MCF-7-ERE cells and ESCREEN assay신윤용Meeting Abstract
2001Estrogen inhibits the TCDD stimulated CYP1A1 gene expression신윤용Meeting Abstract
2001Estrogenic activity of BHA, in vivo and in vitro신윤용Meeting Abstract
2001Cytotoxic constituents of Psoralea corylifolia서은경Article
2001Synthesis and antiviral activity of 2 '-"up"-azido-2 ',3 '-dideoxy-4 '-thionucleosides.정낙신Meeting Abstract
2001Antiplatelet mechanism of 2-chloro-3-(4-hexylphenyl)amino-1,4-naphthoquinone (NQ304), an antithrombotic agent유충규Article
2000Structural study of antisense dimers, modified adenosine-thymidine phosphorothioate정낙신Article
2000Inhibition of progesterone-induced Xenopus oocyte maturation by Nm23이공주Article
2000Design and syntheses of 2-oxiranecarboxylate derivatives and their hypoglycemic activities김화정Article
2000Enantioselective determination of cetirizine in human urine by HPLC박혜영Article
2000Studies on the antithrombotic and antiplatelet activities of NQ304, a newly synthesized naphthoquinone derivative유충규Article
2000Platelet derived growth factor releasing chitosan sponge for periodontal bone regeneration이승진Article
1999Mechanisms related to [F-18]fluorodeoxyglucose uptake of human colon cancers transplanted in nude mice이경림Article
1999Acyl-CoA : cholesterol acyltransferase inhibitory activity of lignans isolated from Schizandra, Machilus and Magnolia species이인란Letter
1998Thermotolerance protects the stress-induced apoptosis via modulating stress-activating protein kinase이공주; 김희정Meeting Abstract